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Academic Information

There are two "terms" at the Harper Hall in a Pernese turn; each term is 22 sevendays long, with a four-sevenday break between them to allow students to return to their families, if possible and practical.

The first term begins the first day of month 2 and continues through the end of month 6. There is a four-sevenday break during month 7.

The second term begins the first of month 8 and goes through month 12. Turn-end testing is held during month 13, and there is a four-sevenday break during month 1.

Music students will take a maximum of four classes and two instruments (group or private) per term. They will study their primary specialty every term (i.e., voice, harp, gitar, etc.)

Students are required to select a major area of focus before they will be granted 3rd Level Apprentice status.

Classes are held six days a week; no classes are held on restdays. In addition to three "core" classes per day within their assigned curriculum level, all apprentices (except for 1st Level) participate in an ensemble class (either Choir or Orchestra) and benefit from private and/or group lessons.

Private lessons are arranged individually as the schedule permits for each Master or Journeyman Instructor.

Class Schedule

Term 1 Schedule - Month 2, Day 1 - Month 6, Day 28

Term 2 Schedule - Month 8, Day 1 - Month 12, Day 28

(Months 1, 7 are breaks; 13 is testing.)

Ranking Structure in the Harper Hall

1st Level Apprentices (minimum age 12) often receive their instruction from the Harper of their home location; only in cases of unusual mental and emotional maturity (and exceptional talent) are children any younger enrolled in the Harper Hall.

2nd Level Apprentices usually join the student body of the Harper Hall at this age; the resident Harper in the youngster's home location will often sponsor a student who demonstrates particular musical aptitude to the Hall.

3rd Level Apprentices are usually quite competent in at least one musical specialty. Although well-versed in musical specialties, students at all levels of study in the Hall continue to develop their general skills, as well.

4th Level Apprentices are normally proficient in several areas, including vocal and instrumental performance and music-related skills such as scribing, songcrafting and instrument construction. They spend the final years of their apprenticeship perfecting these and other skills, in preparation for their hoped-for advancement to journeyman rank.

Journeymen (minimum age 17) will learn practical teaching skills by actually teaching in a classroom. Assignments can be in any Hold, Weyr, or Hall, including the Harper Hall). Journeymen must return to the Harper Hall to take comprehensive exams to complete their program of study and attain Master's rank.

Masters (minimum age 30) are permanently posted to a Hold, Hall, or Weyr; both those Masters assigned to the Harper Hall itself and those who reside in other locations are responsible for instructing the children in their area, as well as providing entertainment to that location's other residents.

Harper Hall Personnel

The staff of the Harper Hall consists of the Master and Journeyman-level harpers posted there, a Headwoman and her group of drudges, assigned Watchdragon and Rider, assigned Healer personnel, and various other crafters.

Further detail of the personas in the Harper Hall can be found on the Harper Hall page in the HarperCraft Hall Roster.

Harper Hall Housing Information

Journeymen's Quarters

Most rooms are singles, and come complete with a press and a desk. There is a large communal lounge on the second floor. The bathing room is located on the lower floor.

Apprentice Dormitory

Rooms in the Apprentice Dormitory have 2-3 beds, and one small clothes press for each bed. Study desks are in the second floor lounge. The bathing room is located on the lower floor.

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