Ierne Island Weyr

If you would like a Thread's End Weyr dragon for your persona, please indicate which clutch you would like it from by filling in the 'Sire/Dam' section of the join form. Clutches are listed below; all dates are Present (Ninth) Pass.

Please make sure the age of your dragon fits with the age of your persona at Impression. Candidates may be no younger than 15 Turns and no older than 26.

Bronze and Gold dragons are awarded by the Council to members who write well and often.

DATE (t.m.d)
35.11.11 IIW35-1 Bronze Reth and Gold Blyth2 17
35.13.28 IIW35-2 Bronze Dracoth and Gold Zarabeth 16
36.03.17 IIW36-1 Bronze Xyleth and Gold Imianth 17
36.11.09 IIW36-2 Bronze Iblith and Gold Perlith 14
37.01.02 IIW37-1 Bronze Zorcath and Gold Orsath2 19
37.04.12 IIW37-2 Brown Charioth and Gold Aometh 9
Unknown Unknown Bronze Ilyeth and Gold Orsath2/3 Unknown
37.11.04 IIW37-3 Bronze Ilyeth and Gold Cassimeth2 18
37.11.04 IIW37-3 Bronze Thorpedoth and Gold Kiornath 17
38.04.09 (npc) Bronze Llenth and Gold Cassimeth 15
38.06.08 IIW38-1 Bronze Sereanth and Gold Sinevath 16
39.03.06 IIW39-1 Bronze Ofiserth and Gold Sinevath2 12
39.10.28 (npc) Bronze Umberlith and Gold Sinevath2 11
40.04.14 IIW40-1 Bronze Ilyeth and Gold Sirenith2 12
40.08.01 IIW40-2 Bronze Cafeth and Gold Kalareth2 12

1AGE indicates the number of turns a dragonet from that Hatching would have as of the current date.
2Flight determined Weyr leadership.
3Weyrwoman transferred to another Weyr before gold dragon clutched.

Last updated 23-May-14.

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