Thread's End Hold

Compiled by Sherri Andersen

Weekly Schedule

Senior Students

Day 7.5 - 9th hours 9.5 - 11th hours Afternoon
1 Teaching Ballads History Chores/ craft training
2 Drawing Geography (Pernography) Chores/ craft training
3 Music Theory Civics Chores/ craft training
4 Teaching Ballads Composition Chores/ craft training
5 Drawing Math Chores/ craft training
6 Music Theory Miscellaneous Chores/ craft training
7 Rest Day

Junior Students

Day 12.5 - 13.5th hours 14 - 15th hours 15 - 17th hours
1 Teaching Ballads Math Music (singing)
2 Art Geography Writing
3 Reading History Music (instruments)
4 Writing Math Art
5 Teaching Ballads Geography Music (singing)
6 Penmanship History Reading
7 Rest Day

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