• Weeks 1-25: Weyrlings are restricted to the Weyr and are to be in the barracks three hours after the ending of dinner.

  • Weeks 26-40: Weyrlings may on occasion leave the Weyr for short periods without their dragons for SPECIAL occasions, with the permission of the Weyrlingmaster.

  • Weeks 26: Weyrlings may leave the weyr to hunt, but only with the permission of the Weyrlingmaster and in the company of an adult rider.

  • Week 30: Weyrlings may leave the Weyr with dragons for short daytime flights to nearby areas, with the permission of the Weyrlingmaster. Weyrlings may hunt for themselves without being accompanied by an adult dragonrider, with the permission of the Weyrlingmaster.

  • Week 40: Weyrlings may between outside the Weyr on their own for short periods of time with permission from the Weyrlingmaster.

  • Week 47: Restrictions lifted, but any leaving of the Weyr must be with permission from the Wingleader to which they are temporarily assigned.

Last updated 12-Feb-16.

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