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All times are estimations; things like chores may take less than the given time, and weyrlings would have more free time in that case.

Note: Restdays are free time for dragon bonding and such, except on threadfall days. Threadfall days have special weyrling duties which the Weyrlingmaster will assign in advance.

Hour Task
6-9 Wake up and feed yourself and your dragon (if he/she doesn't wake before you do). Half of the class takes their dragons out to be scrubbed and oiled while other half mucks out those now emptied dragons' beds, then the groups swap places.

  • The first month or so a dragonet will need to eat once a day then it will taper off to once every three to five days
  • Mucking will continue for 8 months until dragons can go between to relieve themselves
  • This block of time will become shorter as the dragons get older and weyrling learn to move quickly so that training time is extended
9-nooning Training with the Weyrlingmaster (see training schedule)
nooning Meal and clean yourself up to ready for chore duty; check in with the Weyrlingmistress about chores or special duties/outings for the day
13-18 Chores for the Weyr: See Weyrling general task list, plus any extra chores the Weyrlingmaster might assign as extra help
18-20 Evening meal and free time
20 Curfew: Weyrling must be in the barracks (continues until Weyrlings move to their own weyrs - after 6 months old)
22 Glows out

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