• Feed your dragonet (occurs once a day for the first month, then tapers off to once every three to five days)
  • Bathe, oil dragonet
  • Attend classes/activities held by Weyrlingmaster
  • General chores (daily except rest days, usually after the nooning meal); for example (but not limited to):
    • cutting up meat to feed dragonet
    • helping with cooking
    • cleaning kitchen
    • changing glows
    • collecting herbs
    • cleaning dining cavern
    • helping with herds
    • repairing/making clothing
    • leather working
    • general carpentry if needed
    • bringing in wood/coal for stoves
    • sacking firestone
    • running errands for headwoman/headman/healers
    • cleaning latrines

Last updated 12-Feb-16.

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