The Woodcraft started out as an off-shot from the Smithcraft, shaping wood instead of metal. It has evolved into a separate craft with its own Crafthall on the Southern Continent in the Dragonriders Club. Due to its vulnerability to Thread, wood is a precious resource on Pern. In contrast to earth, the main building material used on Pern is stone, not wood. Therefore Pern's Woodcrafters are less involved in providing building material but rather in the creation of furniture, toys and jewelry. The Woodcraft has a variety of subspecialties. Carpenters specialize on building furniture; coopers specialize on making wagon wheels, vats and barrels. A hand-sized hardwood box with hinges is worth one mark on Pern.

Soap, made of lye and fat, is a luxury product of the Woodcraft. The lye needed for its production is made by running water through hardwood ash. Since hardwoods are a precious resource on Pern, burning a valuable supply of it to make soap was long considered absurd. Another recent reinvention of the Woodcraft is paper. With the increase in availability of wood, soap and paper production might become important sidelines of the Woodcraft.

Compiled by Annkatrin Rose.
Last updated 3-Mar-03.

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