Last Restday of Each Month (28th)

During the warm months (M12-7) an informal market day is held at Green Ridge Hold on the last restday of each month, an event which gradually evolved from monthly meetings to assess progress during the early formative stages of the establishment of the Hold. The market day is very informal, with holdfolk setting up booths around the paths and trees in the general area between the Manor and the barn. This is not a gather, nor even a celebration of any kind--no music, dancing or feasting, and since all are welcome to partake of meals in the dining hall on this day, there are few food vendors. Instead, this is an opportunity for Hold residents and cotholders to sell produce in the summer and also crafts they may have made during the cold winter months; it provides an opportunity also to resupply necessities not self produced, such as clothing, boots or even small luxuries when finances allow. Occasionally, local holdfolk or cotholders might offer items for sale inside the Great Hall during cold weather months, but vendors would not be numerous on such times.

The Hold itself does not generally sell items at market day--after all, the event is for the holdfolk--save for necessary supplies or items otherwise unavailable from any current vendor (in which case, see Steward Selaira). We might expect items produced in spare time from the various crafts represented at the Hold: Weavercraft, Woodcraft, Smithcraft, Tannercraft and occasionally the Harpercraft might offer some craft-made instruments. Numbweed, redwort, bandages and packets of healing herbs as well as other medical supplies will be available from the Healercraft. Local herbalists might be selling herbs and scents or possets, cotholders selling the occasional livestock as well as cot-made crafts and necessities. On occasion a trader ship might be in dock, with more and sometimes exotic items for sale--keep watch in the newsletter for announcements about traders.

Also, during the mornings on market days, Lady Holder Jianna will sit in judgement of any disputes or petitions brought to the Hold (including marriages when prospective couples wish formal Hold sanction).

Map of Green Ridge Hold Market Day

Have something to sell? Need to stock up on supplies? Join us!

Coordinator: Lady Holder Jianna.

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