T36, Month 5, Days 14 to 16

On the day of the hurricane, multiple severe thunderstorms will pass through the area, most heading out over the water, though some moving in a general south/southwest direction. Dolphins will report that there is a storm brewing overseas, and dolphineers will warn the shipmasters to batten down their craft or take them out of the path of the storm. Over-ocean sweep riders will be sent to confirm and report back that there is, indeed, another large storm moving in from the northwest, which will put Thread's End Weyr on alert. The Weyr readies for a heavy blow, but no one is prepared for the force of this storm...

The slow-moving storm will make contact with land just after midnight on the 14th. Wind speeds will reach their maximum -- ~135 mph (~116 kph) -- at about nooning of that day, with storm surges from 13-18 ft (4.0-5.5m). The eye will pass just oceanside of the Weyr about two hours before midnight, moving in a southeasterly direction toward Thread's End Harper Hall and Cove Hold. A tornado will form close to the eye as the winds pick up again on its trailing edge; it will skip briefly down a general line formed by cliff weyrs, Weyr lake, beach cots and weyrs area, causing flooding inland into the Weyr bowl.

By the following day (15th), winds will have diminished somewhat to about ~110 mph (~96 kph), with storm surges ranging from 8 to 12 ft (2.5-4.0m). The tail of the storm will be passing over Thread's End Harper Hall and Cove Hold, losing energy as it moves inland. By shortly after nooning, its winds will no longer be hurricane strength, although still stronger than normal. By early on the 16th, the storm will have completely dissipated, leaving only a light breeze in its wake.

The damage is severe.

Thread's End Weyr will suffer great destruction and loss from the hurricane; Thread's End Harper Hall and Cove Hold will also be hit by the onslaught of this storm but not to the extent of the Weyr -- the hurricane's strength will dissipate slightly from crossing the land. Thread's End Hold will be
caught in the trailing edge, enduring damage of lesser degree than those locations more directly in the storm's path.

The fierce winds prevent Thread's End Weyr from rising to meet the Fall occurring in Flight Sector W2/E5 in the late afternoon. The Weyr will make a call to Ierne Island Weyr, Southern Weyr, and Eastern Weyr for assistance in meeting Thread on that Rest Day. Volunteers from all three Weyrs will respond. Wings will be flying with unfamiliar Wings above and below them, and injuries will be higher than normal.

Sonnette's Dawn Hold, the Dolphin Hall, and the Southern Woodcraft Hall will escape mostly unscathed from the hurricane though they will fall victim to one of the migrating severe thunderstorms. In comparison, their damage is minimal, and when the Weyr requests help from Sonnette's Dawn Hold, the Dolphin Hall, and the Southern Woodcraft Hall, they respond, having prepared for the expected call, aware of the extent of the damage to the Weyr from information relayed to the watch dragons.

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