Third Restday of Each Month (21st)

What Is It?

Market Day is a bit like a mini-Gather, with vendors selling or bartering goods at booths set up on the main Hold grounds (see map). However, the types of goods you'll find range more toward fruits and vegetables, leather goods, textiles, and various other "staples" of day to day life. Its contents are geared toward the local populace, offering them a means to obtain goods that they need on a daily basis and giving them an opportunity to socialize with their neighbors.

Occasionally, you'll have the good fortune to find a trader caravan joining in, if they happen to be in the area on Market Day.

Food vendors are also present at Market Day, so those crunchy little meat rolls with the hot, spicy filling that you like so well are likely to be found there, along with the inevitable bubbly pies -- for a small fee, of course. If you'd rather skip the food vendors, there will be a light buffet set out in the Hold's dining hall, and you may partake -- again, for a small fee. For a larger fee, the kitchen staff can be talked into making one of the meals for which they have become famous.

Sonnette's Dawn itself will also have a designated beastcraft area across the bridge and down near the barns, where you'll find various beasts raised by the Hold -- runners, draftbeasts, herdbeasts, etc. -- for sale. If you're looking for that special runner or canine, however, be sure to make an appointment with Master Konnor while you're here.

You may also find an occasional harper wandering the grounds for your entertainment -- it depends on who the harpers have out practicing that day.

What Isn't It?

Market Day isn't the sometimes-carnival-like atmosphere of a large Gather, with its puppet shows and tattoo booths, its contests and races and prizes. (After all, you have to have something bigger than Market Day to look forward to!) It is designed to give you a smaller, more intimate setting to work in, something more akin to the street markets of old Earth, with their sidewalk vendors and push-carts.

Can I Reserve Booth Space?

By all means! Rather than the Hold taking a percentage of sales as usually occurs during a Gather, you may reserve a booth by contacting Steward Arrol at Sonnette's Dawn and paying the small fee of one-eighth mark. All profits after that are yours.

Where/When Is It?

Market Day is held on the main grounds of Sonnette's Dawn Hold on the third restday (21st) of each month.

Join us for the next one!

Who Is Invited?

While Market Day is intended to fill the needs of local residents and crafters in and around Sonnette's Dawn (including outlying holders and cotholders, crafters, dolphineers, and so forth), anyone who happens to be in the area on that day is most welcome!

Come join us!

If you have questions about Market Day or would like to reserve booth space, please contact Lord Holder Iveran.

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