This notice is here to explain to you what information we collect if you become a member of the DragonRiders Club, who has access to this information, how it is being used, and how long it is going to be stored in our member logs after you leave the Club. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Council.

To foster honesty and credibility among members, we ask you to provide true information when you fill out a join form. We understand that many people are wary about sharing personal information online, and our members' privacy is important to us. However, since this Club operates online, we need a minimum of information (e.g. email address) for all Club members. In addition, we have experienced trouble over the years resulting from anonymity and dishonesty that we feel would better be avoided if we collected at least some personal information from our members to make membership less anonymous. We like to know who we are really talking to, especially since many of our members like to meet from time to time!

If after reading this document, you prefer not to provide your real name or e-mail address, you are still welcome to browse the public portion of our website, but we cannot accept you as a member and we cannot give you access to our Members Only section or mailing list. Providing false information may be grounds for ejection and/or banning from the Club. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Council.

Information Collected From Joinform Submissions

The following personal information is collected through joinform submissions and will be available for review to current Joinform Reviewers, Council Members and Webbies at the time of joinform submission:

* The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act prohibits collecting personal information (first and last name, email address) from children under the age of 13 without verifiable consent of their parents. In addition, the content of our mailing list may be rated at PG-13 level. Therefore, we cannot accept memberships from children under the age of 13. Joinforms with a Real Age below 13 years will not be processed and no information from them will be entered into our membership records.

If your joinform is accepted, the submitted information will be stored in our membership records. These are available to Joinform Reviewers, Council Members and Webbies only and will be kept confidential. With the exception of your name and email address, none of this information will be released to the general Club membership without your consent.

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your real name with other members, you may contact Council and request to use an alias for Club communications (e.g. Newsletters, Council candidacy statements etc.), which will be logged in the membership records and referenced to your real name for administrative purposes. If you log an alias, your real name will not be released to the general Club membership.

Additional Information Collected During Membership

During your membership with the Club, the following information will be used to append your membership record for administrative purposes:

Getting a Copy and Correcting Your Membership Record

You may request a copy of your current membership record to be sent to you at any time. To safeguard your information, such a request must be made from an email address previously listed in your membership record and used for Club communications. You may send this request to either Council or Webbies.

If you find any errors in your record (which is likely if you have been a Club member for a long time - sometimes entries are forgotten or dated wrongly), we would be grateful if you would submit a correction to the Webbies.

Deletion of Membership Records

When you leave the Club, your membership record will be kept for about four (4) years to allow easier processing of returning members. Older entries in the dropped members log and ex-members LOAs will be cleaned out annually. (Basically, after four years away from the Club, a returning member is processed as a new member.)

Exception: Entries in the banned members log will be kept for the lifetime of the Club and never deleted.

Last updated on 30-Nov-11.

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