Everybody using email has likely encountered spam in one way or another. Spam on the internet refers to unsolicited email messages sent to a large number of people. Spam messages typically are junk mail with no content of value. Most people hate spam, and so do we. The DragonRiders Club does not allow spamming through its mailing lists.


All subscriptions to the Club's mailing lists have to be approved by the Listmum and require an approved membership application, including creation of a playing character and possibly a sample story. Subscription to the chit-chat list is optional. Only subscribers can post to the main club mailing list and the chit-chat lists; posts from other addresses are blocked. This prohibits spammers from joining and posting to the lists.

Members stating their intent to leave the club or being dropped for inactivity or other reasons will be removed from the mailing lists as soon as possible. Should you wish to leave the list before the Listmum can get to the removal request, each mailing list message contains a link for the list info page, which you can use to unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list.


Members who are subbed to all three club lists receive about 200 posts per month. Before joining, please make sure your email account can handle this many emails. Through your subscription control panel, you will also have the option of choosing daily digests rather than individual posts or to disable email delivery while retaining the possibility to read messages through the online archives.


The rule concerning these is very simple. Do not ever, ever send such things to the mailing list - any of them (we have a Pern-related chat list and a Real Life chat list as well).

Things not to post:

Almost anything that you have found online, unless it's obviously and specifically Anne McCaffrey or Pern-related. Especially if it says "Please post this to anywhere you can" or "email this to everyone you know".

Notable examples:

If you think that there should be an exception, mail the item concerned to the Council -- and, if they agree with you, they'll put it into the next newsletter.


Council will not police private communications between members. However, all club members are expected to follow common netiquette guidelines when using addresses obtained from the DragonRiders web pages or mailing lists to contact other club members.

Some pages at the DragonRiders website (and of course the mailing list) contain email addresses of other club members. Collecting addresses from the DragonRiders website or mailing lists for the purpose of spamming (e.g. mass-mailing ads for your own club) is prohibited by the club's Terms of Membership and will be treated as an offense should complaints arise.

Please refrain from sending unwanted junk mail. Different people have different definitions and tolerance thresholds for junk mail, but generally anything saying 'send this to everyone you know' is considered junk mail. Before you start forwarding chain letters, jokes, virus warnings and so on to other club members, please ask if they wish to receive such emails from you. Unless you have their ok, it is considered a violation of netiquette to inundate other people's mailboxes with such messages and you might end up getting either flamed or blocked for doing it.


Reasonable care is taken to protect member email addresses on the DragonRiders website from spammers. Pages containing member email addresses, such as for example the members and mentors lists, are kept in a password-protected Members Only section to prevent email addresses from being harvested by spambots (programs that crawl websites to collect email addresses for spam lists).

If you use these addresses to email other members, please do so responsibly. Sometimes the best intentions go wrong and end up exposing your (or worse, someone else's) email address to spammers. People will get upset with you for doing this. To avoid this, please follow these guidelines:

Last updated on 30-Nov-11.

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