The Hold's Market Day is held on the first Rest Day of each month on the Hold grounds. It is simpler than a Gather but still has vendor stalls and livestock pens from all over the Hold. The goods range from fruits, vegetables, leather goods, textiles, and other necessities for day to day life. Depending on the season, there may even be seafood from the minor holds, as well as wine from the Hold's own vineyards. Even Thread's End HarperCraft Hall and Southern Woodcraft Hall have journeymen and apprentices selling their wares. Master Beastcrafter Hendon and Master Farmer Perlin oversee the sale of livestock and produce. The livestock may include a runnerbeast or two from the minor holds like Moonskeep and Moonlight. Trading Caravans are a welcome addition to any Market Day, providing their transactions are fair and the gambling is light.

During the morning, Lord Vanerin holds court to settle disputes, handle petitions, and formally sanction marriages of holdfolk that are brought to the attention of the main hold. First, they have to be registered with Steward Kajale before the event.

Since Lord Vanerin and Lady Divana believe in having fun, too, on Market Day, games are held in the spaces between the vendor stalls and the animal pens. When his schedule permits, his lordship hosts a wine tasting gathering for the Hold's Masters and guests of rank at the end of the day in the main hold. If he is unavailable, Lady Divana takes his place as host. For everyone else present, there may be an impromptu concert of practicing harpers to mark the end of the day.

Refreshments and meals are offered to all attendants of Market Day. Food vendors are placed close to the dining area of the grounds. Market Day at Thread's End Hold is known for its variety of culinary offerings, such as fish pies as well as meat pies, bubbly pies, and sweetmeats, all for a small fee, of course. Another option is a light buffet in the Dining Hall with the regular holdfolk or a special meal request made in the kitchens (for a fee).

If there is bad weather or Threadfall on the scheduled day, Market Day will be held in the Hold's Dining Hall. The livestock for sale will be in a special section of the Runner Barn.

What Isn't It?

Market Day isn't the sometimes-carnival-like atmosphere of a large Gather, with its puppet shows and tattoo booths, though there are games and maybe a little gambling. Mostly, it is designed to give buyers and sellers a smaller, more intimate setting to work in, something more akin to the street markets of old Earth, with their sidewalk vendors and push-carts.

Can I Reserve Booth Space?

By all means! Rather than the Hold taking a percentage of sales as usually occurs during a Gather, you may reserve a booth by contacting Steward Kajale and paying the small fee of one-eighth mark. All profits after that are yours.

Where/When Is It?

Market Day is held on the main Hold grounds of Thread's End Hold on the first Rest Day of each month.

Join us for the next one!

Who Is Invited?

While Market Day is intended to fill the needs of local residents and crafters in and around Thread's End Hold (including outlying holders and cotholders, crafters, dolphineers, and so forth), anyone who happens to be in the area on that day is most welcome!

Come join us!

If you have questions about Market Day or would like to reserve booth space, please contact Lord Vanerin.

Map of Green Ridge Hold Market Day


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