"An internet troll is someone who fishes for people's confidence and, once found, exploits it.' - From: Teamtechnology - Beware the Troll

The Internet would be a much friendlier and safer place without trolls. Sadly, trolling is widespread on the Internet, and this page is here to raise awareness among DragonRiders members so that everybody in the Club can help to watch out - for their own safety as well as for the Club's good.

What is Trolling?

Trolling means deliberately seeking to cause damage to the Club and/or emotional distress to its members. Trolling can range from blatant and obvious troublemaking to more subtle mind-games involving manipulative tactics and multiple personalities to gain the confidence of unwitting accomplices and victims within the Club. Trolls crave attention, and they don't care whether it is positive or negative. In order to play their insidious games without repercussions, they tend to create false identities with which to deceive others.

The Beware the Troll page gives a good summary of the Game of Trolling.

Trolls delight in causing trouble and distress just for the sake of fun and recreation. They are often manipulative and cleverly planning their next moves like a professional chess player. They usually use false names and take advantage of the anonymity of the Internet, often playing elaborate games of deception and creating a credible 'persona' with which to convince others in off-list email exchanges that they are genuine and trustworthy. With no regards for other people's right to privacy, they are quick to claim privacy concerns to conceal their own identity. They generally have no concerns for the feelings of their victims other than that they gain gratification from dominating the emotional lives of other Club members. Some may get satisfaction from inflicting emotional pain on others.

Trolling tactics may include:

While some of these behaviors when occurring isolated and infrequent might not indicate a true troll, any combination or repetitive pattern should raise a red flag to anyone observing it.

What to do about trolls?

Trolls are negative influences that are not wanted in DragonRiders. Their meddling kills the fun of the game and creates a paranoid environment. Normally easygoing people can become bitter after learning of a troll's deceitful scheming, and negative emotions stirred up by a troll can paralyze the Club's creativity and poison previously friendly interactions between long-time Club members. Therefore, DragonRiders takes a zero-tolerance policy to trolling schemes.

Council reserves the right to deal with individuals suspected of plotting to do harm to the Club or its members following the premise: 'Shoot first, ask questions later.' Council will not hesitate to investigate suspected deceitful trolls and terminate their membership ASAP, as suggested by the following advice:

"The only method that can be used to verify the bona fide nature of list members is to investigate their personal information. Trolls will invent personal information, but when you investigate it you will keep coming to dead ends. [...] There are some bona fide people who do not wish to be traced via the internet - but this makes it difficult to distinguish trolls from real people. If in doubt, assume that they are a troll, and don't simply believe the sophisticated lies that trolls use to hide their identity." - From: Teamtechnology - Beware the Troll

}: Heh, I like trolls! They are crunchy when toasted and good to eat! :{

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