Current Council members

Archivist: Deb
JOAT: Ashley
Member Liaison: Rae
Secretary: MJ
Webbie/Mentor Liaison: Jane

Club, Council and Webbies purposes and definitions

Note: The Club name is "DragonRiders" and when the word is mentioned, please note that it could be referring to the Club and not the book series written by Anne McCaffrey.

-- SECTION ONE: definition of club - SECTION TWO: definition of council - SECTION THREE: purpose of council - SECTION FOUR: council tasks - SECTION FIVE: definition of webbies and webbie tasks --

SECTION ONE: definition of club

The Dragonriders Club is an e-mail fan-fiction writing club based on the Pern novels of Anne McCaffrey. The setting is the Southern Continent, late-middle of the Ninth Pass.

The purpose of the club is to write about and enjoy life on Pern, and as such members are asked to stay within the bounds of behaviour for Pern in their writing. The Dragonriders Club exists by Ms Anne McCaffrey's permission and members must not infringe on her copyrighted names and stories.

The Club is administered by a Council of elected members. This Council is responsible for protecting Ms McCaffrey's copyright and therefore keep a close watch on Club activity. They are the people to contact if you have any questions. Do NOT assume anything, ask the Council if you have any doubts about Pern canon or copyright infringement.

SECTION TWO: definition of council

Five members from the body of the club who are given the authority to run the club by both the ballot box - meaning club wide election - and the holder of the charter (the person given permission to run the club by Anne McCaffrey) and who prefers to remain anonymous.

Eligibility Requirement for Council Candidates:

  1. At this time, Council membership is restricted to those 16 and over. This is not in any way meant to discriminate against the abilities of our younger members, but is simply because Council duties require a commitment of at least two hours a day. In the past, younger members have been unable to fulfill their positions because of parental restrictions.
  2. The Candidate must have been in the club at least six months and be out of mentoring.
  3. The Candidate must be free of any probationary status for at least two months.

Per the Charter Holder. If a ranker position is vacant and there are no applicants from the main body of members, a sitting Council member or members may apply for that position. Applicant Council members will of course not be allowed to discuss or vote on their own application. In any other scenario where a sitting Council member applies for something (such as storyline approval), that member will not be allowed to vote on the issue.

Any revisions to a Definition, Purpose or Rule are subject to veto by the Charter Holder. Storylines approved by Council are also subject to veto by the Charter Holder. The charter holder will be copied in all Council e-mails even if the charter holder is not currently a Council member. The Charter Holder has the final say in matters of clubfunction and suitability.

SECTION THREE: purpose of council

The Council has two purposes: to serve the club by enabling it to run smoothly and protection of the charter, andthus the club. Details of service are included in Section Four.

To be listed on the ballot, all nominees for Council must read and swear an oath to uphold all Club and Councildefinitions, Purposes and Rules by stating in e-mail before elections:

"If or when I am voted into Council, I [insert real life name and persona name (s)] swear to uphold and enforce all Club purposes, definitions and rules to the best of my abilities. (signature, email address, date and time)."

SECTION FOUR: council tasks

1.0 -- COUNCIL

To change an EXISTING rule or a decision on club matters from a previous Council term, all five Council members MUST VOTE UNANIMOUSLY on the issue and proposed change. The vote may take place either by email or chat session.

To decide on new rules, regulations, or a new club issue, at least three must vote and agree, either by email or chat session.

In all cases, if the number of Council members required to vote is lacking by one member, the Charter Holder's vote may be sought. If votes are decided in a chat session, a copy of the vote must be recorded on the Council mailing list.


Council may decide issues in memoranda (by e-mail rather than IRC/ICQ)to one another. The format is:

Presentation of case:
Suggestion of action:
Person to perform action:
Date by which person must perform action:

This is to be sent to all Council members for comment and majorityagreement. Each Council member will have 48 hours to respond to the vote request. After 48 hours, the issue will be decided according to the majority vote if enough Council members responded.

Rule additions or changes have a one month probationary period within which the club at large may voice their opinion. During this time,council may call a public forum to address concerns and reverse or amendits decision based on majority vote. After one month, the 'unanimous vote needed for change' applies.


Regular votes will be held for council seats. Any current council members who wish to run must not have been in Council for two consecutive terms. This means that any Council member can have a maximum of eight months in Council but must rotate out the next election. If a full council of five are not nominated during the call for council candidates, those otherwise inelegible due to having served two consecutive terms will become eligible for nomination.

The four months may be shorter if Council members can get a majority vote among themselves to hold an election sooner. Only a current Council member or the Charter Holder may call for an election before the four month term is up.


Council tasks fall upon Council only and each Council member may request assistance only from a fellow Council member. Each Council member will be assigned a task which he/she must either perform or request another Council member to perform if they are unable to do so.

If a Council member can NOT perform their task for more than three weeks, he/she will be replaced by another club member voted into Council by the other Council members. The displaced Council member will then lose their Council seat.

The new Council member can only be rotated out of Council at the next election, which means the return of the displaced Council member does not affect their position, nor does the displaced Council member regain their former Council seat.



Protection of the charter is defined but not limited to the authority to tell members to rewrite/retract stories which depict situations conceptually opposed to Pern and keep writers from accidentally or purposefully infringing on any of Anne McCaffrey's copyrights.

There shall be no "publishing" of posts or parts of posts on personal web pages, or distribution via email or snail mail to any non-members.

Protection of the charter involves, but is not limited to the authority to suspend or bar members for using the Dragonriders Club as a forum to meet known acquaintances or to make new acquaintances for the purpose of engaging in activities commonly held to be illegal and /or that would cost the loss of the charter, eg drug trafficking and other illegal soliciting.

Expansion of Pern canon will always and ONLY be Anne McCaffrey's prerogative. Hence all major stories have to be cleared with Council first. (If we allow expansion of Pern canon then it may block AM from writing it herself, through some unforeseen circumstance, eg. consider the implication of a member who may have written the plague story in Moreta BEFORE Anne McCaffrey could have.)


The Webbie/Mentor Liaison Council member is responsible for drafting web page additions or changes and forwarding/communicating any relevant Council decisions as well as anything Council receives that impacts membership records or web pages to the Webbies. For example: member LOA's, quits, persona changing locations, etc.This council member will double check LOA requests for eligibility as they are processed by the Webbies and notify council if a concern is found.

This Council member is responsible for supervising, aiding and keeping the mentors informed of Council decisions which apply to their positions.

This Council member will act as a primary backup for JOAT.


The Member Liaison Council member is responsible for responding to incoming mail from people wishing to learn more of or join the DragonRiders Club, and all incoming mail from members within the club.

This Council member is responsible for communicating Council decisions to members about issues that are club member related that will not involve sending notice to the Webbies or Mentors.

This Council member is also responsible for communicating Council decisions to the general membership if necessary. This includes informing the club of any new rules that have been passed.

This Council member is also responsible for taking on the duties of a Hatching liaison, helping to oversee the overall management of a Hatching. This duty can be split between the Member Liaison and the Archivist. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Keeping track of the submitted Candidate applications.
  2. Communicating with the writer of the Gold Rider/Dragon who has clutched and the writer of the Weyrlingmaster any pertinent information relating to the hatching.
  3. Communicating with the chosen Candidates any pertinent information relevant to their involvement with the hatching.
  4. Creating the weyrling training schedule for any hatching they assist in the management of - this task will fall to the Archivist as the secondary backup.

The Archivist is responsible for drafting the Newsletter items, as well as monitoring and compiling messages that are received by Council to be included in the DRML NEWSLETTER. If enough Newsletter entries have been received, they will send the Newsletter to the mailing list.

The Archivist is also responsible for maintaining the club history timeline and location histories, and sending the updated events, pertaining dates, and a very brief summary to webbies for inclusion to the website an average of once a month. Below is a list of events as a guideline for what should be included in this timeline. Exceptions or additions outside of the guidelines may be made based on member requests and at council's discretion.

Events that are to be included are:

Sending a newsletter to the webbies an average of once a month, detailing the main events that occur at each major club location, the author and major characters, the dates, a brief (1-2 sentence) summary, and the series title. Webbies will then add this information to the club timeline/location histories.

This council member is responsible for contacting weyrlings about temporary and permanent wing assignments.

Finally, this council member is to act as a back-up for those in charge of creating the Weather and Threadfall chart and the sweepriding schedules. They are required to replace Council member(s) who are on LOA or for whatever reason have left Council.


The Jack/Jill of all Trades Council member is responsible for checking the format of the posts which are sent to the list. The following errors should be noted to the author. Repeated offenses may result in a renewal of the mentored status for the author.

This Council member is responsible for monitoring the DRCC posts that are sent to the list in order to assure appropriate content, filling in for Council member(s) who are on LOA or for whatever reason have left Council, and assisting the Member Liaison as Hatching Liaison as needed.


The Secretary Council member is responsible for calling a council vote on any of the following matters. They must then tally the votes and pass the final result on to the Council determining which Council member is to send notification to the requestor.

Matters which require a council vote:

Council should be notified about requests to become a Candidate.

Council does not need to be notified about second and subsequent persona requests up to a total of eight as long as it is a non-ranking persona, the posting history of the requester is up-to-date, and there are no issues that require Council intervention. In this case, the approval of the second and subsequent persona requests (up to a total of eight) would fall under the jurisdiction of the Webbies for processing. Requests for a ninth or greater persona will be submitted to Council for a vote before processing. However, the Webbies may forward any persona request to Council before proceeding if they feel circumstances exist that warrant such an action.

This Council member is responsible for acting as the liaison for the club archivist.

The secretary shall each month send to council a log of decisions made for the past month, such list to include each decision, date of decision andvoting results. The secretary is also the Council member who holds and updates the various documents to pass on to the following Council.

SECTION FIVE: definition of webbies and webbie tasks


The Dragonriders Web Site is designed and maintained by one or more of the Webbies. They are responsible for posting Join Forms and requests for leaves of absence (LOA) as well as placing any information relevant to the entire club (maps, updated rule sheets,etc.) on the Web Site to be accessed by all members.


Web page maintainers (Webbies) are picked and voted on by Council members to take on that task. They do not recruit fellow maintainers without Council vote. Since Web Site maintenance requires constant upkeep and confidentiality, Council votes on adding Webbies should be based on dependability and integrity of the prospective Webbie in addition to coding experience.

Active Webbies are subscribed to the Webbies mailing list, have access to the server to upload website changes, and are exempt from posting for theirnon-ranking personas. There should be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) active Webbies in the Club at any time. Should the number drop to one Webbie and there are no backups available for active duty at that time, Council should seek to appoint a new Webbie to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.

Council can vote on adding a Webbie at any time. If all three active Webbie seats are filled, the new Webbie will be added as a backup Webbie. Backup Webbies are not subscribed to the Webbies mailing list, do not have access to the server, andare not exempt from posting. They have been pre-approved by Council and may rotate into active duty as necessary without requiring another Council vote. Exception: If there are two or more backup Webbies wishing to rotate into active duty,Council shall vote on who to rotate into the position.


Web page maintainers do not have a term during which they must serve. They may rotate out of active duty or resign from the task with two weeks' notice. Assoon as notice is given or an active Webbie is forced to take a LOA on short notice, one of the backup Webbies will rotate into their place. If there is no backup available,Council will vote on adding a new Webbie (see 2.0).

It is the responsibility of the Webbie rotating out or resigning to train the newly assigned Webbie to take over their tasks. Should the retiring Webbie be unable to train the newly assigned replacement, the remaining Webbies will takeover training.

The status of Webbies rotating out of active duty will be changed to backup. Webbies on LOA will be considered backup Webbies on leave and are not eligible to rotate back into active duty until after they have returned to active (posting) membership. Webbies resigning from duty will be considered regular Club members and their reinstatement as Webbies will require a Council vote.


If a Webbie can NOT perform their tasks for more than three weeks, he/she will be rotated out and replaced with a backup Webbie. The displaced Webbie will be considered backup on leave until further notice. Webbies moved to backup canonly rotate into active duty again when one of the active Webbies rotates out.

Web page maintainers can also be replaced at any time on a full Council vote, i.e., five members present.

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