Below is a summary of the Hatching situation at each Club Weyr.

Clutch on the sands? No No
Queen (Rider) -- --
Catcher (Rider) -- --
Date clutched -- --
Number of eggs -- --
Gold egg? -- --
Estimated Date of Hatching -- --
Accepting candidates*? -- --
Application deadline: -- --

Note: All candidates must first have an approved join form and may be no younger than 15 Turns and no older than 26: see Candidates, Weyrlings and Dragonriders.

Gold and bronze dragonets are available to current members only and will be awarded according to the Ranker and Premium guidelines. Requirements include: Member should be three months out of mentoring and current on posting for all PCs.

Expired candidate calls: Once the Club Member Only Candidate Call has officially ended, current, rejoining or new members may apply for any unclaimed eggs on a first come first chance basis until 3 real life weeks (or 1 Pern sevenday) before the Hatching. After the Hatching, any unclaimed weyrling positions may be applied for on a first come first chance basis until the class is filled. Current member application for any unclaimed eggs or for open weyrling positions are subject to Candidates, Weyrlings and Dragonriders rules, Persona Limits and Restrictions and Ranker and Premium rules (if applicable).

Past Clutch sizes and Hatching dates are available at Thread's End Clutches as well as Ierne Island Clutches.

Last updated 09 May 2018.

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