DragonRiders is not a Role Playing Club. We do not Role Play in chatrooms or on IRC. Our members write stories that are distributed through a private mailing list ("play-by-email"). We are a creative writing club using Anne McCaffrey's Pern as the framework within which our creative abilities are exercised.

Club Timeline

DragonRiders is a Ninth Pass, non-AIVAS club. AIVAS was never discovered and, hence, ThreadFall doesn't cease forever at the end of this Pass.

Club Canon

We strongly recommend that you have read the DragonRiders of Pern trilogy and the Harper Hall trilogy as these represent the main aspects of Pern canon we try to follow minus the AIVAS references.

Main Club Pages and Club Rules

Occasionally, some search engines take you straight to this page. If this has happened to you, please check out the DragonRiders Club Homepage to gain access to rest of the club pages.

Please read through our Rules and Regulations before joining the club. It will make the joining process a lot easier and get you started writing that much quicker!

PLEASE NOTE: By joining DragonRiders, you agree to our Terms of Membership.

Joining DragonRiders

In order to join DragonRiders, you have to create a persona using the join form provided on the next page after this one. If this is the first time you are creating a persona for DragonRiders, please read through our guidelines how to create your persona for rules to follow and helpful tips!

Your join form will be sent to the Join Form Reviewers. You may be asked to provide a sample story and do some editing before your persona is approved and listed on the roster where your persona lives. If you do not receive a reply to your join form, you probably typed in the wrong email address. Mail the Webbies and ask.

Please note that if a pattern of ignoring requests for reasonable changes on your application develops, the Join Form Reviewer has the right to ask Council to issue a temp/permanent ban as the case requires. If you feel that the portion you have been requested to change is one of personal style and not a violation of one of our rules or of canon, you can request that Council provide a second opinion.

After Joining

As soon as your join form is approved, you will be added to our mailing list. You can lurk for a while to get oriented and read posts before you start writing. You will be expected to write your first post within a month from joining. If you are going to make an existing character part of your story, please be polite and ask them first!

If you are joining for the first time or rejoining after a long absence from the Club, you will be assigned a mentor who will send you more information on how to get started. Jump into a storyline whenever you want by writing a post and sending it to your mentor for checking.

After your first persona has been approved and you have been released from mentoring, you may create additional personas or adopt NPC/free personas. Once you have been released from mentoring for three months, you are eligible to apply for premium and ranking personas.

If you have any questions that are not in the FAQ or Pern Knowledge Archive and can't be answered by your mentor, you can use our Chit-Chat list to ask the Club in general or contact Council.

And now, without further ado...


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