About mentoring

To help new members become oriented in Dragonriders, we are using a mentoring system. Mentors are typically assigned by location once a join form is approved. New members are asked to send their first few posts to their mentor for approval before posting to the list. The mentor will check for posting format, Pern date, weather conditions, Pern canon, etc, and let the new member know if any adjustments need to be made before releasing the post to the club.

After being released from mentoring, you are free to send posts to the list on your own. However, please don't hesitate to contact a mentor if you have any questions or need help! This is especially true if you apply for a second persona at a different location. The people who have volunteered as mentors within the club can help you with any questions you have and with your first posts -- feel free to pester them mercilessly! To contact a mentor for your new location, please refer to the Mentors list in the Members Only section.

How to become a Dragonriders mentor

If you would like to be a mentor or a member of the Welcoming Committee, please email Council and the Webbies.

New mentors should be a member of good standing for six (6) months. Council can reduce or waive this time requirement for returning members.

Mentors should have a good grasp of canon and club rules and be able to communicate this knowledge to their mentorees in a diplomatic and non-aggressive manner. In accordance with that spirit, an applicant should not have violations concerning RULE 3.3 -- FLAMING/SNIPPY EMAILS TO ANY OF THE CLUB LISTS for the past three (3) months. For current mentors, a second violation of Rule 3.3 would result in loss of mentoring privileges.

Remember, mentors are not exempt from posting requirements, so make sure you have the extra time for mentoring in addition to your other club duties before volunteering.

Mentoring personas

Mentors have the option of creating MPCs - Mentor Playing Characters. MPCs are non-ranking, non-premium personas used for the sole purpose of guiding a mentoree. They are not active personas, and posting requirements do not apply.

Members who wish to mentor at a location where they have PCs or ONPCs should list one of those personas on the Mentors chart. Members who wish to mentor at a location where they don't have PCs or ONPCs to use for mentoring may create one (1) MPC to get listed as a mentor at that location with a maximum of three (3) MPCs per mentor overall. (Please note: If the listed mentoring persona is not suited to interact with a mentoree, mentors may always create NPCs or use NPC/free personas for co-posting with their mentorees.)

Existing non-ranking/non-premium PCs (and ONPCs) may be changed to MPC status under the following conditions:

If you wish to change your MPCs to full-fledged PCs, you can do so at anytime. However, if you wish to change your MPC to an ONPC, it still has to meet the requirements (must have appeared in 20 posts).

Finally, members cannot keep MPC status when they retire from mentoring at that location. Instead, retiring MPCs have to be dropped, transferred to another mentor, or changed to PC or ONPC according to the above guidelines.

Last updated on 7-Jan-06.

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