(or "List Etiquette")

These are the Rules of Thumb for posting to mailing lists for the DragonRiders of Pern Writing Club (DRML for posting stories; DRCC for Pern, Club and Anne McCaffrey related topics; RLCC stands for Real Life Chit Chat and that is pretty much anything else!).

While there has been some tweaking to customize this for DragonRiders of Pern, the main format has been taken with permission from the Newbiefest --> Auntie Mel's Rules of Thumb, a Mercedes Lackey discussion mailing list.

Trim quoted text

Trim headers to the minimum. We're looking for something along the lines of "X said:" rather than six lines of quoted header with no content.

Is all of what you're quoting still relevant? We want enough left to keep track of the discussion, not its entire history.

Preserve attributions. Keep track of who did say what. Being misquoted is annoying; being quoted as saying something you did not, more so.

On the same thought, make sure you sign your own contributions to help keep things straight, even if it's just your name. Not every emailer will show a name with the address, which may or may not be a variation of the person's name. Be considerate. Sign your posts. If you don't want to, then perhaps you shouldn't send the post to the list.

Think before you post

Try to read through all of the list mail that has arrived before you post; especially on the weekends, if someone has a general question, the chances are extremely good that someone else will already have answered before you see it.

It is obvious that with the delays caused by processing the mail, sending it out, etc., you can't guarantee that nobody will have answered a question before you, but if a couple of days have gone past, the chances aren't bad.

Don't spoil the surprise: don't post about outcomes of other members storylines until the poster(s) themselves have actually released the details, even if you know or you think you have guessed what has happened/will happen! If something has been posted as actually having happened, then you are free for your persona to have witnessed it or to write your own persona's reaction to details that have been released, but please let everyone tell their own stories.

Also, when you are writing storylines, please make sure you note when the story is finished or if there are details still pending.

Keep the fluff (or "non-relevant information for that list") level down. People's mail systems vary, and some people receive the mailings as a digest. The latter group, in particular, cannot just delete individual messages. The list mum will not be happy with people being driven from a list (particularly relevant is DRCC) because they cannot keep up with the level of mail, if that level is being artificially inflated by fluff. Remember, non-Pern topics is why we have the RLCC list. Use it!

The occasional off-topic message is tolerated, but if you're posting several such per day, consider yourself warned.

One-liners are a Bad Thing. If you feel that you have to respond to someone with a one-line comment and that comment is not an answer to a question that has been asked, consider replying by mail directly to that person. However, "me too"s and similar statements don't count as responding to an asked question. (Along the same lines, don't ask for list replies to a question that is solely a "yes" or "me too" type of thing such as "Was Ramoth a gold dragon?" or "I live in XXX location. Anyone else?" Ask your mentor/council/coposters/friends directly.)

If you feel that a one-liner response is still needed, make sure you include what your responding to. A "me too" with no question is sorta hard to figure out. Remember, the topic may stray from what the subject line is.

Long signature blocks are out. The permitted length of sig blocks according to the Rules Page is six lines. On this list, where many people post several times a day, it is probably safe to assume that people will remember who you are after the first post. Therefore, attaching an 8 - 10 line signature to every post is seen as antisocial. Don't do it. (This includes your personal quotes *grin*)

Some people pay for every byte of mail they receive. (Yes, this is still the case in some countries.) Some people pay phone charges to download their mail. (Just about anyone in the UK who logs in from home, for starters; local calls are not free in the UK.)

Yes, your off-topic postings can inconvenience people. Yes, your long signature is costing people money. No, they can't just ignore it. So don't be so selfish.

Subscribing/Unsubscribing/Away for a Lengthy Time/etc.

If you are going through the joining process, the Webbies will handle your initial subscribe. This is done at the end of your form approval process when you receive your mentor.

If you are a returning member, then mail Council and/or the Webbies, and they will help you get set.

If you're going to be afk (away from keyboard) for an extended period of time, you might consider setting your mailing option to "away" via the link on the email you received once your subscribe request was approved by the List Mum. This is not required, but if you have a size limit and that gets exceeded causing messages to bounce, the List Mum will unsub your addy. If you lost the information on how to do this, give these same people a friendly yell.

Asking these two groups keeps the lists from being cluttered with such queries and their numerous responses.

Other things not to post

Essentially, flames, spam, trolling attempts.

Flaming in particular is not tolerated. First: we don't want to hear it. We come to Pern via the DragonRiders of Pern Writing Club to enjoy ourselves, not to get caught in a flamewar. We shouldn't have to just delete it. The List Mum can and will remove you from the list. Council can and may ban you from the club. If you want to remain a member, don't push the line.

Second: such behavior could away drive members who might otherwise have had a productive addition to the discussion. Frankly, we'd rather have them than the flamers. Same attitude as excessive fluff with this.

If in doubt, don't post it. If you find you can't control yourself from just saying something, then restrain yourself to a personal/private reply instead of a list reply.

General format/comment of emails for all 3 lists

This is addressed on the Rules page but can't hurt to be mentioned again.

First: the server puts the DRML, DRCC or RLCC in the subject line for you so you don't have to worry about doing that. Having it there already can possibly cause some server problems anyway, so it's best to leave it off.

Second: please set your line width to 80 characters. This is standard over the net, so let's use it.

Third: for goodness' sake, when posting - set your emailer to send plain text! Many emailers nowadays default to "rich text" or "HTML mail" formats. This can be really difficult for some people to read - we know not everyone uses the same email program, so let's operate on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Silly! ~~grin~~) and stick to plain text.

Finally: language and content are to be kept suitable for readers of all ages.

Posting from an addy other than the one you subscribed with:

Since these are members only lists and the server recognizes you as a member (or not) by your email address, please post only from the addy with which you subscribed. Otherwise, our List Mum will get an email saying "non-member wishing to post" each time that happens. She's busy, has a lot of email to deal with as is... so PLEASE just post from the addy(ies) you subbed with.

Spoilers Exist for a Reason

Spoilers are there so members can discuss a newly released book without ruining it for the places where it hasn't been released yet. This common courtesy will be enforced on all club lists (DRML, DRCC, RLCC) until one month after its release in the last one of the three major markets for books published in English, ie US, Europe (England), Australia. Adopting any newly revealed canon or canon that has been revised in the new book will be delayed until after the SPOILER is lifted. That means that lucky group who read it first shouldn't use that new information in club posts until it's adopted by the club as a whole through a Council ruling. You might have access to it first this time, but that might change with the next release so play nice!

Last updated 22-Dec-11.

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