You cannot use any of the names that are found in Anne McCaffrey's books for your personas, pets, dragons, dolphins, or other characters, nor can any of your characters be the relative of any of Anne McCaffrey's characters.

Please check the names you'd like against the following names before you submit them on your join form -- the Webbies will return the form to you for changes if any of the names on it appear in these lists or are very close to or sound like one of the names in these lists.


This symbol ++ next to a name indicates the name pre-existed and exactly or closely matched a name found in a subsequently released Anne McCaffrey novel. The date listed beside the name is the date of DR name creation. For more information on rules surrounding these names, please go to the Rules page, Section 3.

Credits: All the hard work of abstracting the Anne McCaffrey names was done by Anna Campbell, Lynn Gruen, and Hanna Kaakkuriniemi, among others. Our thanks to them!

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