Persona : Ac'cu
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 20
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Brownrider/Apprentice Seacrafter
Residence : Thread's End Weyr

Physical Description : Ac'cu stands at about 5' 9" and is of average build. He has sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. His face bears a smattering of freckles on his cheeks.

Personality : Ac'cu is impatient and has a bit of a temper. He works hard, though, if only to give himself the freedom of speech to tell someone else to be quiet and stop whining.

Life Story : Ac'cu was sent to work on the oceans after his mother gave up on trying to put a lick of sense into the child. There, the no-nonsense life that the sea meted out taught him quickly to obey without question or that tempting shot of sarcasm. Once he spent some time there, though, he quickly turned to showing the newbies how seacrafting was done in an often sharp and hurtful manner. Even though he has never turned physical on anyone, he proved that words could truly break bones in this world.

After a tough weyrling class, Ac'cu feels that he has more right to criticize. After seeing one of his weyrlingclassmates die in front of him, he can't stand it when someone tells him how inexperienced he is and is even more determined to best anyone who says he is.

Dragon's Name : Perroth
Dragon's Colour : Brown
Dragon's Age : 2
Sire/Dam : Bronze Falairyth and Gold Wyth
Rider's Age at Impression : 18

Physical Dragon : Perroth is growing into a good sized dragon. A rich, dark color of swirled brown, he's received the comment of good-looking and handsome many times. If you see his eye slightly hooded and his lip curled up, he is sneering at you.

Dragon's Personality:Perroth is exactly like his rider. They've spent many a good time watching and making fun of everyone else. Wisecracks are his specialty and he leaves the insults and comebacks to Ac'cu.

Last updated on 08-Oct-09.