Persona: Asaira
Writing Status: NPC/Free
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Residence: Thread's End HarperCraft Hall
Birthplace: Lemos Hold
Father's Name: Hortens
Father's Rank: none
Mother's Name: Lyrese
Mother's Rank: Journeywoman Wood Smith

Physical Description: Asaira is of medium height and is trim, with short curly brown hair and large leaf-green eyes. She dimples when she smiles and her eyebrows are more expressive than she realises. Her hands are large with long fingers that are constantly pin-pricked.

Personality: She prides herself on being a "listening ear," but usually ends up asking more questions than she intended to, and questions that some don't want to answer. She is almost always pregnant, but she has no long-term commitment to a single man, preferring instead to wander, giving comfort where it seems needed and occasionally staying with one man for a little while. She doesn't like this inability to commit about herself, but she feels helpless to change it.

Life Story: Asaira was born in Lemos Hold to a couple who were passionately in love, too much involved in each other to take care of a baby. For some odd reason, though, Asaira was never fostered out, but stayed at home, taken care of by her father. Although Asaira was always given anything she wanted and needed, she grew up without her parents' love.

Because of this lack, Asaira began to search for the nurturing she needed in the people of Lemos. She made friends easily and called them her "surrogate family," choosing to spend nearly all of her time with them. When her father realised that she was playing with the most troublesome children in the Hold, though, he forbid her to see them again, making her stay at home all of the time. This, however, backfired on him. When Asaira turned 15, she began to secretly creep out of her room at night and go to see the Hold boys.

Asaira, who didn't know the first thing about any kind of birth control, became pregnant at 16. Her parents, furious, kicked her out of their home. She made her way to the Harper Hall, where one of her best friends had apprenticed, and was taken care of there until she was 27, when she left of her own volition after ending the longest relationship with a man of her life. She came to Thread's End Harper Hall in search of happiness.

Pet Name: Dear
Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Colour: Green
Pet Description: Dear is a very pale green, who is extremely small, almost as small as a hatchling. She is very helpful in Asaira's work, trained impeccably to go fetch spools of thread or swatches of cloth, but if she is asked to do anything else, she simply gets a blank look on her face and refuses. She is a very noisy green who loves people and other firelizards almost as much as her mistress.