Persona : Caljah
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 38
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Master Healer
Craft Specialty : Herbalism
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : Caljah is about 5' 6" tall and of average build. She has dark brown, almost black, hair that falls to her waist which is often tied up in a bun. Caljah's almond shaped eyes are a dark as cromcoal, and are her most noticeable feature when someone looks at her. Her long, thin and nimble fingers are very gentle allowing her to know it something is wrong in short amount of time, a good quality for someone in her craft. Caljah had a small, white scar on bottom of her right arm, sustained when she fell out of a tree when she was younger.

Personality : Caljah is a very happy person who finds it easy to make friends. She does not believe in distancing herself from her staff. To Caljah, a close working relationship with her journeypeople and apprentices is a very important part of the teamwork she prides herself on in her infirmary.

Caljah makes it her responsibility to meet as many of the people admitted into her infirmary as possible. She always has time to talk to her patients and staff when they have problems, and tries to help sort them out. Not only does Caljah want her infirmary to run smoothly, she genuinely cares about those around her.

The only thing Caljah will not tolerate is disobedience without good reason. Woe betide the apprentice or journeyperson who breaks the rules of her infirmary. Her temper is usually enough to discourage the offender from breaking the rules again, but if that doesn't work, then the punishments she sets will.

Caljah feels most at peace when she is in her herb garden. From early childhood, her parents taught her the uses of herbs, and seeing these humble plants make people well has always brought her great happiness. She is one of the foremost healers in herbalism. Caljah make a point of always having a vase of herbs in her infirmary as she believes that event the scent of some herbs improve the recovery of patients.

Life Story : Caljah was born to Journeyman Harper Kalrid and Journeywoman Healer Jahyi two turns before the present pass on the sixth day of month four at Fort Harper Hall. From a young age, Caljah was surrounded by music and everyone suspected that the dark haired girl would become a harper just like her father. For a time there was nothing in the world Caljah wanted to do more than to play pipes and sing, but that all changed when, at the age of five, Caljah was struck down by a mystery illness. During her fever, her mother tended her constantly, bringing in herbs from the herb garden to aid with her daughter's recovery. For a while it was uncertain whether Caljah would live, but after two sevendays she showed signs of improvement. While she recovered, Jahyi told Caljah all that she knew of herbs, and the child's interest was awakened. Caljah no longer wanted a life full of music and instruments, the wanted to heal people.

Over the turns Caljah learnt more and more about the Healer craft and by the time she was thirteen, she felt ready to enter the Healer Hall. Caljah spent four turns of hard study as an apprentice learning about all aspects of her chosen craft, but during her free time she could always be found in the herb garden at the Hall. Two months after her seventeenth birthingday, Caljah was promoted to the rank of journeywoman. It came as no surprise when she took herbalism as her specialised subject. After a few more turns of learning about herbs, Caljah finally decided to journey to the Southern Continent to learn about the new herbs there.

Caljah was in her element on the Southern Continent, finding new herbs and studying their uses. She spent three turns journeying across the Southern Continent before taking up a post at Southern Weyr where she started to study for her mastery. It was there that she met her first love, E'rhi. Within a turn they had become weyrmates and at the age of twenty-four she gave birth to a daughter, Kalrhia. The small family were very happy together until one fateful fall when Kalrhia was five turns old, E'rhi was killed instantly when a clump of Thread landed directly on top of him and his brown dragon, Yaitith. Caljah was heart broken and, feeling that she could not longer stay in a place where she would be forever reminded of E'rhi, she moved back to the Healer Hall at Fort, bringing Kalrhia with her.

Four turns after E'rhi's death, Caljah gained her mastery. Although everyone congratulated her, least of all her parents, all she could think of was how proud E'rhi would be of her. Not long after this, Luoye entered her life. At first he seemed like the perfect man for her; charming, considerate and funny. However, not long before their planned espousal the following turn, Caljah found out that Luoye had plans for fostering Kalrhia to his parents. He obviously felt that she could not compete with Kalrhia for Caljah's deepest affections. After a heated argument, Caljah accepted a posting to BlueWave Holding in the Southern Continent. There she was put in charge of her own infirmary for the first time. Within four months it was clear that Caljah's influence had vastly improved the infirmary at the fishing based Hold.

Three turns later, Caljah said a tearful farewell to Kalrhia as her only daughter made her way to the Healer hall at Fort to follow in her mother's footsteps. A turn after Kalrhia's departure, Caljah decided it was time to move on. Leaving the infirmary in the care of one her senior journeymen who was waiting to take his mastery, Caljah applied for the position of Master Healer at Thread's End Harper Hall and received notification of her employment two sevendays later.

Caljah is now very content running her own infirmary surrounded by creativity and music and doing the things she does best.

Pet Name: Thyme
Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Color: Brown
Pet Description: Thyme is a rather tubby baby brown firelizard who has a tendency to beg for treats from the kitchen staff (he's ever so polite about it). He can often be seen dozing on the roof of the Harper Hall or paying lots of attention to the green flits around him.

Thyme was given to Caljah as a thirty-eighth birthingday present. People judged him to be a green before his tiny egg hatched, meaning that Caljah was extremely surprised to find a brown flit in her hands. She was very careful not to feed him too much, and became quite agitated as she noticed he was putting on more weight than he ought to. It wasn't until a few sevendays later that she realised how clever her little flit really was. He had been begging for treats from some of the younger kitchen workers who were enthralled by his antics. Although she told the kitchen worker not to feed him any more, Caljah still suspects some of them are sneaking food to the funny little firelizard.

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