Persona: Danain
Writing Status: NPC/Free
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Rank: Journeywoman Weaver
Residence: Thread's End HarperCraft Hall
Birthplace: SmithCraft Hall
Father's Name: Tinnder
Father's Rank: Journeyman Smith
Mother's Name: Laenia

Physical Description: Danain's smooth, olive skin is marred by a palm sized burn scar on her right cheek. Above the scar, her eyes are a soft shade of brown, flecked with copper. Her coarse brown hair falls to her hips, and she often pulls it back into a thick plait. Her face is strong-featured, almost hawkish in cast.

She is of middle height, perhaps a bit on the slim side. Her clothes are usually simple in design. She has long-fingered hands with calluses from her weaving and sewing, and her face usually crinkles into a frank and open smile.

Personality: Though quiet, Danain is also warm and friendly. Though strong (and practically glowing with health) she prefers to spend her time embroidering or sewing inside to doing outside work. She tends to be frank, almost earthy, much in contrast to her delicate needlework and lacemaking. She also spends a good bit of time at the loom, weaving fabrics, and enjoys designing clothing when she gets the chance. There is a darker streak in her, however: she is extremely self-conscious due to her scar, and tends to be possessive and over-protective of her friends, while also being quite sensitive about her appearance.

Life Story: Born to a Journeyman Smith and his wife, Danain grew up around the forges. She had many friends and companions, playing whenever she could. However, though she was always careful, accidents happen--one day, when she was about twelve, she was carrying water to the workers. Though she was careful, nevertheless she was burned rather badly on the cheek. The healer saved her cheek, but her skin there formed a bad burn scar. Her agemates rejected her, partly horrified by her appearance and partly superstitiously afraid that it might some day happen to them.

So the gregarious child slipped lonely into adolescence. She took up sewing to pass the time--making small things, like dishtowels and plain aprons. When she reached the age of possible apprenticeship, her mother sent a sample of her work to the nearest Master Weaver, who in turn requested that she be sent for training to the Hall.

Upon reaching the Hall, she was startled to find that the others were less leery of her burn-scar. She studied hard, especially loving the detailed and intricate needlework. She found that the movement of shuttle on loom calmed her nerves, and she adored designing and making clothing. She had found her element, made friends, and slowly came out of the shell imposed on her in her childhood. When she was about eighteen, she Impressed a young green firelizard. When she was twenty-one, she was promoted to Journeywoman. Just recently, she was assigned to help clothe the Thread's End Harper Hall.

Pet Name: Rheena
Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Colour: Green
Pet Description: Rheena is dark olive green, with a long neck and tail, and broad wings. Her skin has glimmers of almost forest deep in the shiny hide, but it is only visible in certain lights. She is intelligent (for a 'lizard), but seems to think herself human. She constantly chirrups and scolds, as if she were capable of speech. She also loves helping: carrying spools and needles for her mistress, and perching on her shoulder to pluck at her hair.