Persona : D'fin
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 33
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Bronzerider, Wingsecond (CFRF)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : D'fin is a large, tall man. His black hair is already shot through with streaks of gray, but his light blue eyes sparkle with life. His voice and hands are cracked and roughened first by Turns at sea and then Turns adragonback. Everyone always knows where to find D'fin in the dining cavern - he's near the hearth, cheating everyone out of their marks at a game of dragon poker.

Personality : D'fin grew up in a sea hold, where work was work and play was play - and if you ever had a chance for the latter, you'd best make the most of it. He has found that this mentality can be applied to life in the Weyr just as easily as on a ship, and he follows it quite seriously.

Life Story : As a youngster at Tillek Sea Hold, D'fin grew up working. His father was first mate on a fishing sloop and his mother was one of the Hold's weavers. Under his father's watchful eye, he developed the muscles and skills necessary to bring in a successful catch. From his mother, he learned to mend his own things and found that he has an impeccable eye for color.

Everyone was surprised when D'fin was Searched to stand on the sands at High Reaches Weyr, and although he did not Impress that first time there was a second clutch on the sands. He stayed another fortnight, when Sereanth broke shell and stumbled straight toward him.

After their weyrling training, Sereanth and D'fin volunteered to be transferred to Thread's End Weyr, where they stayed until Turn 36, when they decided to transfer to Ierne Island Weyr.

Dragon's Name : Sereanth
Dragon's Colour : Bronze
Dragon's Age : 14
Sire/Dam : Transfer
Rider's Age at Impression : 19

Physical Dragon : Sereanth is a very large bronze. D'fin often jokes that if Sereanth would hold his breath, a harper could use his chest as a message drum. Given his size, the bronze is not the most nimble flier, nor the fastest - but he has held his own through the longest, nastiest Falls on record without tiring.

Dragon's Personality: Like his rider, Sereanth takes his work very seriously, but he also plays seriously when the time comes - and he has no trouble reminding D'fin that sometimes a man must make his own leisure time.

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