Persona : En'rin
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 35
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Wingleader, Center Flight, Left Flank Wing
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : En'rin is of average height and slender build. His delicate features, blond hair, and large green eyes give him a boyish appearance. When he was young he was always mistaken for a girl, but the life of a dragonrider fixed his frailty. He was still never taken seriously until he acquired a large scar down one cheek and a Wingleader's shoulderknots. The right side of his body was heavily threadscored just out of weyrlinghood and he limps on his right leg.

Personality : Calm and reliable, En'rin makes a good, though predictable leader. He likes to laugh, even if he's not very good at creating clever replies on the spot. Many call the bronzerider stubborn, though En'rin is fond of logic even in the heat of an argument. What he lacks in wit, he makes up in persistence. En'rin is very caring and loves children. He's a good listener when given the chance, with a great store of practical advice.

Life Story : As far as he can remember, En'rin was a weyrbrat at Thread's End Weyr. He's a bit too old for the Weyr to be his place of birth, so he assumes he came from somewhere in the North, most likely High Reaches, judging by his pale skin and hair. His life passed in the flurry of Weyr activity, though it lacks any major events besides the Impression of Baguelth. Thread's End Weyr was his home for thirteen turns, until the creating of the youngest Weyr. He has several close friends and manyacquaintances. En'rin is fond of drink and late-night card games. Hefeels quite comfortable in the Weyr environment and has been a valuable asset in the founding of Ierne Island Weyr.
His relationships are usually limited to mating flights. He is very possessive of his women and prefers to keep his relationships with them very private, thus staying away from the small circle of the Weyr's few hundred dragonriders. He had some longer-lasting relationships with lower caverns workers. Secretly, he is rather insecure, for though women find his looks appealing, he goes unnoticed in the crowd of tall, rugged dragonriders. He has a few children running around the lower caverns. He visits them often, though he's not exactly sure which ones are his.

Dragon's Name : Baguelth
Dragon's Colour : Bronze
Dragon's Age : 19
Sire/Dam : Transfer TEW (Bronze Tiamath and Gold Amarillath)
Rider's Age at Impression : 16

Physical Dragon : Baguelth is rather small for a bronze, and is closer in size to a brown. He has short, stubby limbs and a dark shade of bronze hide. He always tries to hold himself tall and likes to be oiled often, in order to emphasize his height and color. His right side is wrinkled by a multitude of scars. He limps heavily if forced to walk on the ground, though he has no trouble taking off or maneuvering in the air.

Dragon's Personality:Baguelth is a proud, reserved bronze with no sense of humor. However, when it comes to those who admire him, he's very nurturing and protective. He is generally well-liked, especially by his Wing and weyrlings.

Pet Name : Blue
Pet Species : Firelizard
Pet Color : Blue

Pet Description : Blue is a small, chubby firelizard, aptly named by his rider. He has a wing mangled at hatching, and flies very rarely. He makes a rather comical figure, and children like to play jokes on him. He spends most of his time eating and hobbling around the lower caverns. He's rather stupid (or perhaps untrained) and can't deliver messages. He's absent a great deal, showing up only on occasion to beg food from his owner.

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