Persona : Faldyn
Writing Status : NPC/Owned
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Journeyman Beastcrafter
Residence : Thread's End Weyr

Physical Description : Faldyn is short, standing only 5' 6", but is very thickly built. He has close-cropped mid-brown hair and dark brown eyes. His face is long and a bit narrow, somewhat at odds with his otherwise broad frame. He speaks in a very deep, distinctively gravelly voice. He walks with a slight but noticeable limp -- the result of a kick from a large draybeast.

Personality : Perhaps the best way to describe Faldyn is 'single-minded'. He is extremely good at his chosen craft, and he knows it. This means, when it comes to the beastcraft anyway, he can come across as a touch arrogant. This arrogance is reinforced -- in the perspective of others and in Faldyn himself -- by the fact that he is, in fact, almost always right. Regarding other areas of knowledge, he is not overly curious and will unapologetically admit ignorance. He knows what he knows, but he also knows what he doesn't know... and doesn't let the latter concern him. Though he doesn't show it often, he has a decent, if dry, sense of humor.

Life Story : Faldyn grew up the oldest of five siblings in the Keroonian foothills. He enjoyed a rather normal and uneventful childhood, helping with the family's herds of caprines and ovines. His aptitude for working with herdbeasts became apparent very early on and he was apprenticed at the Beastcraft Hall at the age of 12.

At age 17, he walked the tables. He stayed on at the Hall to continue his studies for a mastery, and assist in teaching incoming students. When he was 19, his younger sister, Saryni, arrived at the Hall as an apprentice. After three Turns as Saryni's teacher, Faldyn was posted to study under a master at a hold in the Keroon Heights. There he met Malelu, daughter of one of the herders. They married and their first child, a daughter named Falma, was born a Turn later. Shortly before his marriage, he was assisting with the delivery of a large draybeast and the laboring mother kicked him in the left leg. Unwilling to leave until the birthing was complete, he did not see to his injury until the foal was born, clean, and suckled. Though he did eventually see a healer, the leg did not set properly and he now walks with a limp.

At age 25, Faldyn was recalled to the Hall. Upon his arrival, wife and young daughter in tow, he was informed that he was being posted to Thread's End Weyr, which was in need of a Sr. Journeyman to implement a new breeding program for its herds.

Last updated on 9 Apr 2017.