Persona : Gurstin
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 32
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Journeyman Farmer
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : Gurstin is a short bulky man. But no one should be fooled into believing he is lazy, for all his bulky is muscle. He has sun-blonded light brown hair from being out in the fields, day in and day out. He has green eyes that crinkle in the corner with laugh lines. His hands are large and very callused.

Personality : Gurstin is an open friendly person that always knows the latest joke and is willing to share.

Life Story : Gurstin grew up in the south finding farming to his interest in the later part of his teen years. He loves plants and has been considered to have an extremely talented green thumb.

Last updated on 31-Oct-01.