Persona : H'tos (Hetos)
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Gender : Male
Age : 19
Rank/Craft : Junior Guardsman, Greenrider, Wingrider (CFMW)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : A little over six feet tall and with a solid build, H'tos has "bully" written all over him. His eyes are hazel, and there is a little hint of red in his brown hair. He doesn't tan easily but won't burn his skin, either.

Personality : H'tos is a very self-confident but unimaginative person. He believes he can do anything he sets his sights on and will follow out any orders to the letter, but he shows very little initiative. He is also a firm believer in rational thought. Of course there are people who add this all up and come up with "dull", but that doesn't mean Hetos doesn't have character; he's just not flighty or flirty.

Life Story : Born and grown in Telgar area, Hetos' whole family moved South when Lady Jianna established Green Ridge Hold. The potential troublemaker was easily reined in by the Senior Guardsman, who recognized the makings of a good, honest guardsman in the young man and took him in as a trainee.

Looking forward to a comfortingly steady life's career, Hetos was mightily surprised when he was first Searched by a blue and then given a flight to the Weyr by a green dragon. Fitting in to the seemingly irrational Weyrlife felt impossible at first, but Impressing a dragon not only made it more logically acceptable but also necessary.

The fact that he Impressed a green felt, however, completely inexplainable, but as Himoth has repeatedly told H'tos, dragons never make mistakes when choosing their riders, so he just has to live with the fact. Besides, in his own practical and thorough way, H'tos has decided to do his best and excel in all of his new duties. Unfortunately, it looks like Himoth has her own opinion of those same duties...

Dragon's Name : Himoth
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 1 Turn (IIW36-2)
Sire and Dam : Bronze Iblith and Gold Perlith
Age of Rider at Impression : 18

Dragon's Description : Himoth's colour is a brilliant emerald green with slightly darker belly and limbs. To H'tos, she's just 'green'. Small now but growing fast, Himoth seems to be an averagely proportioned dragon and slightly on the larger side of an average green.

Dragon's Personality : Curious, friendly and flirty, Himoth sometimes drives her rider up the walls or makes him despair, but just like him, when she decides to do something and do it well, she usually succeeds. If just H'tos' and her opinions of what things need to be done, well, coincided a little more often...

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