Persona : Irian
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 18
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Green Wingrider
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Irian is tall, slender and graceful. She has black hair just past her shoulders with a slight natural curl to it. Her eyes are dark brown and her skin is fair. She is decidedly attractive and prefers to be neat and clean. In her 'past life' as a holder's daughter she preferred the finest clothes she could obtain by any method other than working for them; since moving to Ierne Island Weyr, she's had to learn to settle for 'serviceable' rather than 'stylish'.

Personality : In the past Irian was known for being an incredibly spoiled brat, with a ferocious sense of entitlement and a piercing voice. However, she's undergone something of a transformation and become a bit less demanding. She still has her arrogant moments, but she's making a concerted effort to be more pleasant.

Life Story : Irian is twin sister to I'ro, a bronze weyrling at Ierne Island Weyr. They were both raised as holder's children, with I'ro taking up farmcrafting and Irian taking up seeking someone to meet her impossibly high list of demands for a wealthy, handsome husband. Both twins were Searched for a clutch on the sands at Ierne Island Weyr, Inaro by good luck and Irian by pestering. Irian never gave much thought to whether or not her brother would impress, but she was absolutely certain that the gold in the clutch would be hers, and made no secret of that certainty. In the end, though, Inaro was successful and became I'ro, while Irian failed to impress. That was a deep shock to someone who'd always been given what they wanted. Irian's high-handed ways during her candidate days hadn't exactly made her many friends among her class and the failure led to the inevitable backlash.

Rather than going back to the hold with her tail between her legs, Irian opted to stay at the Weyr and wait for the next hatching to try again, a sign of strength of character that not many people expected. She made a commitment to improve her behaviour: some have accepted it as sincere and some have not.

Now that she's impressed green Sarath, the change seems complete: if you ask her, she'll tell you there's no way she'd change one fingertip of Sarath, or her colour, for a gold. She still has some of her old bossiness at times, though: that seems permanent. However, it's standing her in good stead, as she and Sarath are able to work hard and focus clearly in their weyrling training.

Dragon's Name : Sarath
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 1 turn
Sire/Dam : Bronze Ofiserth/Gold Sinevath
Rider's Age at Impression : 16

Physical Dragon : If you ask Irian, Sarath is the most perfect, most beautiful, best-conformed dragon to ever be hatched on Pern. It is true that Sarath is a well-formed dragon: she has inherited both size and leanness from both sire and dam, and grace from her dam. She's a rich green and carries herself well.

Dragon's Personality:Sarath is an affectionate green, with early traces of green flirtatiousness already present in her personality. She's friendly and cheerful, and also quite endearingly vain about her appearance.

Last updated on 08-Feb-14.