Persona : Jihsenna
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 20
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Journeywoman Runner, Greenrider, Wingrider (CFRF)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Long of arm and leg, Jihsenna is best described as lean. She is Runner born and bred, with powerful leg muscles and a large lung capacity. Her eyes are a dark brown, matching her equally dark skin color. She usually keeps her black, shoulder length hair in a tight braid or, when she has the time, multiple braids.

Personality : After turns of making runs across the vast Southern Continent, Jihsenna is more than a little world-weary. Sometimes she can act as if she has "seen it all and done it all" and that nothing surprises her anymore. She is intelligent and keeps her head when things get dodgy, but her stubbornness can get in the way sometimes.

Life Story : Jihsenna's future was planned out for her before she was even born. Her mother and father were both from very old Runner bloodlines, so there was no doubt in their minds that their child would be an excellent Runner as well. The girl made them proud as she grew, becoming first an apprentice at twelve turns of age, then completing her first successful Cross at seventeen and attaining her journeywoman's knot. She was bred to run; it was in her blood. She knew she'd be running all of her life, and she considered using any transportation other than her own two legs as just downright silly.

That's why she was so surprised when she was Searched.

Dragon's Name : Talyzth
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 1 Turn (IIW37-1)
Sire and Dam : Bronze Zorcath and Gold Orsath
Age of Rider at Impression : 19

Dragon's Description : Talyzth is a dark green color with long, lean limbs like her rider. Her legs and tail seem to be just a little out of proportion with the rest of her, but perhaps she'll grow into them with time. It is hard to tell, but it appears as if she will be a little bigger than the average green when she is fully grown.

Dragon's Personality : A bit of a know-it-all, Talyzth likes to take every opportunity she can to correct her rider or her fellow dragonets if she feels they are mistaken (which she feels they are a lot) about practically anything. She is fairly calm, and not quite as curious as the average dragonet. When she is convinced of something, it is hard to waver her opinion.

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