Persona : Jilliea
Writing Status : NPC/Owned
Age : 36
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Green Rider
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Jilliea is 5'4" tall. She has long dark thin hair that she keeps in a ponytail or braid. She will wear her hair up for special occasions. She fusses with her hair more than she fusses with clothes. She is thin and a little muscular from her outdoor activities and dragon maintenance. She has narrow brown eyes. There is a threadscar across her nose as well as a sprinkle of brown freckles. She has an olive complexion. She is not considered to be beautiful or pretty; but her facial bone structure with high cheekbones compels people to give her another look.

Personality : Jilliea is reserved. She finds a lot of humor in observing people. She has a sarcastic sense of humor. She is arrogant and opinionated, especially with younger greenriders. However, she is quick to apologize when there is an offence. She is discriminating in her choice of friends and has only a few close ones. She is loyal which makes her trustworthy to her friends. However, she likes to gossip and has to be careful not to betray them. She prefers the company of dragonriders who are older than 25 Turns, not admitting to her jealousy of the younger ones for their sense of innocence and invulnerability. Jilliea enjoys her green's mating flights without any commitments.

She prefers to do outdoor activities than indoor ones. She doesn't believe she is good with her hands and doesn't have the patience to sit still to learn a craft. But she will sit still for reading, playing dragon chess, dragon poker or drinking wine and gossip if the weather prohibits any outside activity.

As much as she loves her Weyr life, Jilliea was holdbred and finds balance by trips to the beaches at Thread's End Weyr, the grounds of Dolphin Hall, and her father's farm to see her daughter.

Life Story : Jilliea is the youngest and only daughter of Journeyman Farmer Ballioch and his deceased wife, Jalliseaya. The other children were three older boys, Adrioch, Dallisan, and Joroyson. Unfortunately, Jalliseaya died a sevenday after Jilliea's birth.

Without feeling any loss or blame, Jilliea grew up on her father's farm, one of the largest cotholds in Igen Hold. Her father and brothers spoiled and adored her. She enjoyed the challenges of keeping up with them on the farm and winning their approval. When she became 13 Turns, Ballioch realized his daughter needed feminine training and education to become a wife for a prosperous man.

Jilliea didn't want a prosperous man. Ever since she had witnessed dragonriders on a Search, she had a secret dream to be one of them. She had mentioned this dream to her brothers; but they had laughed at her. The idea was as absurd as their father becoming the Lord Holder of Igen Hold. No one in their family had become a dragonrider.

So, Jilliea went to a minor hold where she learned she was not the only beloved girl on Pern. The lord of the minor hold had three daughters and four sons. The youngest daughter was two Turns older than Jilliea and had more privileges. Later in her life, Jilliea had considered it fortunate that she and the youngest daughter had become friends. It had made life at the minor hold bearable because she had missed her family very much and was bothered by the older children's teasing. Another pleasant experience was her first encounter with a harper who came to the hold every third sevenday with news and information.

After three Turns at the minor hold, Jilliea was allowed to go home. But she felt betrayed to learn her father had arranged a marriage for her to a vintner's son. She had hoped to convince him she was now ready to go to Igen Weyr as a potential candidate for a Hatching. He refused to listen. Jilliea ran away. Her brothers went after her and brought her home. To Jilliea's surprise, they were on her side and helped her to convince their father to let her go until he finally gave her his blessing and a few marks.

Happily, Jilliea left for Igen Weyr with Joroyson who knew a brownrider who was willing to help Jilliea find work and a place to stay at the Weyr. The brown-rider's name was By'rin. He became a surrogate brother to Jilliea. After one Turn at Igen Weyr, Jilliea Impressed green Petroth.

No one was surprised when By'rin's brown, Flyth, flew Petroth during her first mating flight. By'rin and Jilliea became weyrmates for 18 Turns before the brown and his rider died during a Fall. In that time, Jilliea and Petroth had enjoyed making the mating flights interesting by allowing the brown and his rider to believe Petroth just _may_ not choose Flyth.

It was during Petroth and Flyth's last mating flight that Jilliea had conceived her and By'rin's daughter, Brillia. The greenrider chose to have her daughter raised by her father who had requested it, providing he allowed Brillia to visit By'rin's family at a neighboring cothold from his farm.

Petroth was the one who learned about an open position at Ierne Island Weyr from other dragons. She encouraged her rider to petition for it. The green believed a change would help Jilliea create a new life without her weyrmate. Jilliea had followed her dragon's suggestion; and neither rider nor dragon had regretted it.

Dragon's Name : Petroth
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 19
Sire and Dam : Transfer (Igen Weyr)
Age of Rider at Impression : 17

Dragon's Description : Petroth is the darkest green at Ierne Island Weyr. She is one of the largest greens. Her body is stocky enough to have her food intake monitored by her rider. She has threadscars on the lower ridges of her back. She is more graceful in the air than on the ground. Even though she is not as pretty or as feminine as the other greens, Petroth knows how to be attractive with her eyes and her graceful flying during a mating flight.

Dragon's Personality : Petroth can be as arrogant and opinionated as her rider with younger greens. She loves to give advice to other dragons. The green refrains from gossiping when she can after having a bad experience within the dragon ranks shortly after her weyrling days. She is also proud and has a good heart.

Pet Name: Dearest
Pet Species: Feline
Pet Description: Dearest has a long body and long legs. Her eyes are yellow. Her ears, legs, and tail are a darker shade of gray than the rest of her body. Her ears were singed by Thread when By'rin had found her as a kitten and presented her to Jilliea as a gift. She considers Jilliea's weyr her territory since the greenrider and her dragon aren't there as much as she is. She likes to climb on Petroth's back as well as Jilliea's shoulder to oversee her territory. She is wary of any visitors to the weyr since Jilliea rarely invites anyone to visit. She is independent and seldom affectionate; but she is receptive to any offers of affection. From the way she cleans herself, Dearest knows she is the most beautiful feline in the Weyr even if that's only because she is one of the few who are gray.

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