Persona : J'ryd
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 23
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Wingsecond, Brownrider, Journeyman Harper
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : The most noticeable thing about J’ryd is his height. He stands at 6’5” barefoot. He has bright hazel eyes, that are more green than brown. His hair is a lighter brown and it is longer than what most riders would keep it, he is frequently seen brushing it out of his eyes. Despite living in Fort most of his life, J’ryd has a near constant tan. If a man were said to have long and graceful fingers, he would have them, which is ideal for the finer etching when decorating instruments.

Personality : J’ryd is a very easy going person, he likes to laugh and is quick to tease and joke. But, when it comes to his duties, the fun is set aside and it is time to focus. Whatever he is focused on whether on making instruments or fulfilling his dragonrider duties, he performed with passion. He is fiercely loyal to friends and family and will do whatever he needs to do to help them and keep them safe from harm.

Life Story : Jauryd was born in early summer and is the youngest of two children, his brother, Jaunsen, is three Turns older. His father, Jaughn, was a Smith working out of a cothold in Crom, his mother succumbed to illness when he was only a few months old. His father took her death very hard. Once Jauryd was a little older, Jaughn left the Smith Hall and became a sword-for-hire, he was particularly good finding people that didn’t want to be found. He would leave the boys for days and weeks at a time at whatever Hold, Hall, or Weyr he had found work out of. As the boys grew Jaughn taught them how to fight and track, they even helped their father on assignments a few times.

Though Jauryd was a good little fighter, he didn’t enjoy the life. When he joined the Harper Hall at 13 Turns, his father was livid. But, it was one of the few times in his life that he stood up to his father and held his ground. He became an Apprentice that focused on making instruments, but due to his knowledge of finding people this also led him to be trained as a covert Harper. He was allowed to pursue his training making instruments because it helped provide a knowledgeable role that he could benefit from while on Harper Hall assignments. Once again he didn’t enjoy the life that had been forced upon him, but Jauryd never voiced this to the Masters at the Hall. He was proud to be working for a cause that bettered Pern.

He was a few sevendays shy of his 18th Birthing Day, he was slipping out of the Harper Hall in the middle of the night to a waiting Blue to be transported on an assignment when the Blue Searched him before he could hand over his pack.

J’ryd Impressed the last dragon to remain on the sands, Vianth. And, he has never felt like he belonged more than with the Dragonriders protecting people. In month 3 of turn 41 he was transferred to Ierne Island by his Wingleader, in hopes that he would be able to further his position at the much younger Weyr. After a few short months, J'ryd was promoted to Wingsecond by V'ryk.​

Dragon's Name : Vianth
Dragon's Colour : Brown
Dragon's Age : 6
Sire and Dam : Transfer
Age of Rider at Impression : 17

Dragon's Description : Vianth is one of the larger Browns in the Weyr. He is fairly proportioned but he is taller in shoulder and has larger wings. Vianth is a warm shade of brown, which reminds J’ryd the color of bark on saplings. Like most Browns and Bronze dragons, Vianth doesn’t have the greatest amount of maneuverability in the air. The exception being mating flights and particularly dangerous Falls, then he will surprise J’ryd.

Dragon's Personality : He is very much like his rider. Easy going and likes to tease, he is a bit more fun loving than J’ryd and this tends to rub off on his rider.

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