Persona : Kitalla
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 29
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Journeywoman Weaver
Residence : Sonnette's Dawn Hold

Physical Description : Kitalla is tall, elegant woman. She has short cropped, straight chestnut hair. She holds herself straight and has a soft, almost regal smile. Her eyes are a warm dark brown and always give the impression she is smiling, even if her lips are not.

She is always dressed in fine linens and soft, beautiful fabrics, cut to showcase her talents as a weaver.

Personality : The word elegant can be used to describe Kitalla, both in body and personality. She is softly spoken, her voice gentle and lilting. She is friendly and courteous to all and shows patience and perseverance with everyone she meets. She always tries to conduct herself with dignity and self-respect.

Life Story : Kitalla was destined to become a weaver. She was born into the weavercraft at Southern Boll in the crafthall. Her mother and father, both journeymen at the time of her birth raised her surrounded by their own creations of beautiful tapestries and wall hangings that the couple liked to create together. She holds a great deal of empathy for the people that she meets.

Kitalla used to love the feel of the soft, freshly woven silks and linens as they were created at the hall, before they were dyed and then sewn and embroidered. She soon learnt she had a flair for designing these fabrics into beautiful and yet functional items of clothing.

Her style and choice of fabrics were always tailored perfectly to the person who had ordered them. Her vision and empathy means that she truly listens to the clients requests and very rarely misjudges her design for the piece of clothing they have ordered from her.

​She arrived at Sonnette's Dawn hold in the middle of Turn 41.​

Last updated on 6 Apr 2017.