Persona : Matani
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 24
Gender :Female
Rank/Craft : Headwoman
Residence : Thread's End Harper Hall

Physical Description : Matani is not as tall as she appears. She stands at around 5 feet and ten inches. With a long fall of dark hair, grey eyes and slender frame, Matani is all grace and an un-questioned beauty, but it is of the quiet sort that does not startle.. She moves as if she is dancing to a tune that is slow and measured and stately.

Personality : Like her Mother before her, Matani is a very a level-headed woman, very practical. However, unlike Meidan, she is more reserved and considered by others to be gentler. This is possibly due to a dreamy streak passed down through her father. Softly spoken with a kindness that never seems to falter, Matani can sometimes be misunderstood as a soft touch. The very, very few that have gone against her have found out that the young lady has a will of iron and the patience to match it.

Life Story : Born the youngest daughter of Meidan, Headwoman of a Miner's Hall, and Yuldus, a miner in that hall, Matani never aspired to be anything. Content to be at her mother's side, she learned the skills that a Headwoman requires at her mother's knee, just as Meidan had learnt it from her own mother. Her life was happy and complete even with the usual friction that was living with her two older siblings, until the death of her father to the black lung six turns past.

For five turns she battled with her mother to survive the constant memories of her beloved father until Meidan could bear no more. They sort out and then applied for a position in the Southern continent and arrived to live in Thread's End Harpercraft Hall. Olinda, her older sister, who had followed their father into the Minecraft, remained in the Hall of their birth, taking a husband six months after their leaving. Yulean, her older and Harper brother, who had been just as marred by their father's death, resigned his commission in the Tillek reaches and made his way to the Harper Hall to be close to his mother and sister.

For a turn life in the Harper Hall was grand. Worked to exhaustion, for harpers are not miners in their needs, society or thinking, both Meidan and Matani relished the challenge that was the Hall and its occupants. During the time Matani also met the once Hall rogue Taden and fell for the gorgeous and yet venerable Journeyman almost immediately.

Disaster struck, however, when a earth shake pelted the coast with rumbles and the following tsunamis. A section of the official building of the Hall, the main structure, collapsed while both Matani and Meidan where checking for the remainder of supplies they would need on higher ground. The dolphins had sent warning of the catastrophe and thus minimal life was lost. Meidan, however, was crushed in the collapse.

Broken by her loss, never the less, Matani rose to the occasion and took her mother's place. A position she maintains still with the support and care of all the Hall. Not long after Matani and Taden made their rather obvious love for each other official and were hand fasted in a quiet morning ceremony on the beaches of the Thread's End HaperCraft Hall on the 11th day, Month 4 of Turn 38.

Pet Name: Yulsef
Pet Species: Canine
Pet Description: Yulsef has always been Matani's canine but allowed his loyalty to extend to Meidan, Matani's mother. However that was as far as it goes. He was never friendly with Matani's siblings. He has a very Lord-Holder way about him, very superior towards those poor humans. He is polite to strangers, but not overly affectionate. If somebody offers him a bite of meat, instead of gulping it down he is more inclined to eat it daintily. He is very long-legged, and shaggy, with a blunt head and sharp ears. Besides his mistress he tends to keep to himself.

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