Persona : Milzen
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 19
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Journeyman Harper (Archivist)
Residence : Thread's End Harpercraft Hall

Physical Description : Milzen has medium length light blond hair that is normally tied back in a small ponytail. He has very calloused hands from copying scores and records, as well as playing instruments. He tends to wear light, loose clothing, due to the continent's climate. He has a simple ring from his mother that he wears all the time on his right ring finger. Milzen sings in the tenor ranges, but prefers to play an instrument rather than sing. He often plays either the violin or the harp, and keeps away from the wind instruments.

Personality : Milzen tends to be the quiet type, secreting himself away in the archives, but greatly enjoys the occasional gather just like his fellow journeymen and women. He is somewhat intelligent, but nowhere near the top of his class. He loves to go to the weyr when permitted, if only to see the dragons fly.

Life Story : Milzen was born in the Southern continent at a small stakehold in the Thread's End area to the farmer Jazen and his wife, a weaver, Milrin. He was raised to take over for his father, but when he started to hum tunes while doing his work, his parents decided to allow him to apply for apprenticeship at the HarperCraft Hall after his second brother was born. Once Milzen's musical ability was discovered (near his thirteenth birthingday), he was gladly accepted into the hall. About a Turn later, his knack for accurately, neatly, and quickly copying records and scores was discoveres, and the master archivist took Milzen under his wing. Five Turns later, Milzen walked the tables and became a journeyman archivist.

Pet Name: Snatch
Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Color: Blue
Pet Description: Snatch's hide is a deep blue, with hints of a lighter blue along his underbelly that become visible during bright days. He is still small, as he is young, but seems to be growing to the average size for his color. Snatch is a lovable little flit on most days, loving any chance to be around people. At mealtimes, he tends to live up to his name, snatching tidbits from journeymen and women (usually tubers). He has very little regard for rank, despite Milzen's best attempts to train him to obey a master, but his behavior usually draws amused looks from anyone he tries to squawk at.

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