Persona : M'kellen
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 39
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Bronzerider/Weyrleader
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : M'kellen is tall, slim, man with curly white-blonde hair and unusually slanted black eyes. He is attractive still, despite the Threadscore scars which mar the right side of his face, neck, torso and his right leg.

Personality : He has been essentially hedonistic since adolescence, but the series of responsibilities arriving in his mid-thirties have seen a quieter, more thoughtful man develop from his earlier self-interest.

Life Story : M'kellen is the eldest son of journeywoman smith Jalara by a northern wingleader, M'kerren, whom she met while a senior apprentice at the craft hall. M'kellen was fostered by his father's weyrmate, Kunama, and Impressed at his first Hatching, aged 15.

After four Turns as a wingleader pair (aged 26 - 30), Daleith flew the senior queen of the Weyr, making a surprised M'kellen the Weyrleader. After three Turns (aged 30 - 33) of stability M'kellen's vicious and bitter dispute with his Weyrwoman cost Daleith the senior queen's mating flight and M'kellen was once again nothing more than wingrider. The new Weyrleader was not willing to keep such a charismatic and problematic dragonrider around the Weyr and arranged a transfer within the month.

M'kellen was at his second Weyr only a few sevendays (aged 33) before Daleith proved that it was not _his_ ability to win flights that had cost the pair the Weyrleadership and M'kellen found himself Weyrleader again. This time he was determined to not repeat his mistakes and to do his best by the Weyr and the Weyrwoman. During the first Turn of his Weyrleadership, M'kellen was heavily scored in a disastrous Threadfall during a wind storm. The scars, visible on the right side of his face from cheekbone to collarbone, cannot be overlooked even after five Turns.

M'kellen's three-Turn long and very troubled relationship with a young smith journeywoman, Dyani, briefly settled into happiness when she agreed to be his weyrmate. Dyani died in childbirth but their daughter, Kelani, survived and along with Lissa, his daughter from another relationship, he started to learn to enjoy being a father.

Five Turns after Dyani's death M'kellen (aged 38) found himself with another weyrmate, despite having had no intention of ever treading that path again. Erissa (Eri), a widow with four daughters moved to the Weyr from the craft hall in the north to begin a much-belated stone smith apprenticeship at the Weyr. The second time around M'kellen has settled more comfortably into being a weyrmate, not finding the adjustment as difficult as he expected, or perhaps finding the rewards more than compensating him for the freedom he previously struggled to maintain.

Having held his second Weyrleadership for six Turns (aged 33 - 39) Daleith unexpectedly lost to a newly arrived bronze. The offer of a transfer after this change in Weyrleadership was more friendly than disciplinary, but M'kellen took it anyway.

M'kellen's family:

Dragon's Name : Daleith
Dragon's Colour : Bronze
Dragon's Age : 24
Sire/Dam : Transfer
Rider's Age at Impression : 15

Physical Dragon : Daleith is a classic-coloured, mid-sized bronze of mixed modern and Oldtime breeding who is most notable these days for the scars on his right wing root, neck, and forequarters.

Dragon's Personality:Daleith is very much his rider's confidant and gives good advice - good from a draconic perspective, which isn't always as much help as his rider might like.

Pet Name : Thessi
Pet Species : Firelizard
Pet Color : Green

Pet Description : Thessi is a easy-going, laid back firelizard - somewhat baffling the man who Impressed her. She is very large for her colour and devoted to her person.

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