Persona : Nayirin
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 37
Birthdate : T3.M5.D11
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Journeywoman Beastcrafter/Goldrider
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Nayirin stands 5' 5" and has a slightly muscular build, for a woman. There is not an ounce of fat on her frame. She is on the pale side, which means she gets burned easily if she sits out in the sun. Her hair is a wavy, rich, shade of brown- it falls below her shoulder blades. Her eyes are beautiful light brown with flecks of green in them.

Personality : Nayirin is by nature a very approachable person, which is beneficial for her rank as a gold rider, to make herself available to other riders. She is a fun loving person who loves animals; she enjoys sarcasm and considers it a fun challenge when people will go back and forth with her. She does know when to put her light hearted side away and be the serious Goldrider that is needed to help lead and manage a Weyr. She learns quickly how to approach riders and is very good about reading people and knowing how to talk to them whether it is formal or simply blunt.

Life Story : Like many Holders at Keroon Hold, Nayirin became a Beastcrafter at the age of 12: her parents heartily agreed with her choice in a Craft as they were both Beastcrafters themselves. Unlike her parents she did not specialize in just runners; she liked to care for all animals.

When she was 16 Turns, still in her Apprenticeship, she met a new Journeyman by the name of Elmar, and they both fell in love with each other. When she walked the tables, they managed to get assigned to travel to the various cotholds to check on the health and breed of runners for the Master Beastcrafter's records. Visiting Igen Weyr's stock, they were days within a Hatching and decided to stay since they probably would never be able to attend another one.

While watching the dragons in the lake on the morning of the Hatching she was Searched. She would later Impress the little Golden Queen in the clutch.

Elmar asked to be stationed at the Weyr so he could be as close to Nayirin as he could, especially when she discovered, three months into her Weyrling training, that she was pregnant. When Rinna was born, it became apparent to him that there would be not time for their daughter or himself. Not allowing her to be fostered into the Weyr, he took his daughter back to Keroon.

Nayirin was devastated at losing her mate and child, but Sirenith was all consuming and she quickly realized that it was probably for the best that he had left though she never stopped hoping for their return. She birthed one other child after Rinna, Narin, who was a result of her first mating flight at Igen Weyr; he too later Impressed a Brown, Cazinth. Nírin would follow her South a Turn out of Weyrling training.

Sirenith and Nayirin's bond only became closer over the Turns that they were partnered. When a call for a position at a Weyr in the South came open in the early part of Turn 39, she decided that she would like to meet new people, and she took the position. She told her Weyrleaders that it would be nice to have such an obvious seasonal change, instead of a hot or hotter season.

She began her new duties so quickly that it left many people surprised and even winded, but they were relieved to have such an active Goldrider.

Not long after her arrival, Nayirin discovered that she was pregnant from her most recent mating flight with twins. She had a boy, Kyrin, whoís looks take after the father, Kíyrian (who is also Nírinís father), with dark hair and eyes and a lighter complexion; he is on the quiet and shy side. Whereas the girl, Narria takes after Nayirin with a darker complexion, brown hair and green eyes; she is very vocal, curious and outgoing, they were born T39.M6.D11. Both have an obsession with firelizards. Dareís tail and wings have been pulled a time or two.

A few months later, Meruya transferred North and Sirenith was the next Gold to rise, making Nayirin Weyrwoman, much to Nayirinís shock. During that time, Nayirin discovered that her long lost love had perished in a runner beast accident but her daughter Rinna, now Rin, was alive. There were some bumps along the way but they are working on their relationship as mother and daughter.

Dragon's Name : Sirenith
Dragon's Colour : Gold
Dragon's Age : 19
Sire/Dam : Transfer
Rider's Age at Impression : 18

Physical Dragon : Sirenith is a dainty for a gold. What she lacks in size she makes up for in speed, agility, and determination. Her hide is on the lighter side of Gold. She can sometimes be a terrible flirt.

Dragon's Personality:Sirenith is a friendly Gold and is not bothered by visiting with Greens. She is a fearsome sight when upset or reprimanding a dragonpair for carelessness, something that she does not tolerate. She loves to watch the young dragonets growing and will readily give advice and encouragements when she feels they are necessary.

She can be stubborn and willful, no dragon has caught her twice in a row when she rises.

Pet Name : Dare
Pet Species : Firelizard
Pet Color : Bronze

Pet Description : Average in size, lighter in color. Dare is more patient that a fire lizard should be. His human's offspring (Narria and Kyrin) have gotten a hold of his tail and wings more often than he is happy about, though curious, he is wary around children. He is not an overly affectionate Bronze, until its time to sleep or he is just waking up, but he does accompany Nayirin frequently throughout the day.

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