Persona : Pantrin
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 56
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Lord Holder
Residence : Thread's End Hold
Father's Name : Semoran (deceased)
Father's Rank : Holder - Telgar Plains
Mother's Name : Lintrin (deceased)
Mother's Rank : Cot Holder's daughter - Telgar Plains

Physical Description : Although broad shouldered and tall, the extra weight acquired around Pantrin's middle in recent Turns leaves him looking a bit portly in appearance. He has brown eyes set in a square face and a high forehead which is more pronounced now that his dark hair is receding. The hair that remains is liberally shot with gray and is worn long, more often than not pulled back and fastened with a tie dyed to match his clothing.

He's typically dressed in trousers and tunics dyed in dark colors - black, browns, blues, greens - and believes in spending marks on quality and cut that meet his exacting standards. Pantrin is well known, although not well liked, by both weaver and tanner craft. He insists on examining every piece of wher hide and every bolt of cloth before agreeing to a commission.

Personality : Pantrin's personality can be summed up in one word: ambitious. Scheming and planning is as much a part of him as breathing. He's arrogant, overbearing and ruthless. He has a hard eye and a harder hand and is prone to use it - as his children will attest. He has little respect for dragonriders, and even less for woman, and views his daughters (and sometimes his sons) as little more than bargaining chips to increase his wealth and holdings. Tenderness, love or respect is something he rarely experiences and when he does, the emotions are fleeting. He tends to walk a fine line between what the Charter says he can and can't do and has become quite adept at burying evidence that might point to anything that says otherwise. He is a master at the art of delegation. He demands much and gives little and can squeeze a mark until it's dry.

Life Story : Pantrin was born on Turnover and is the half-blood son of a minor holder located on Telgar Plains. He was the result of a brief Gather dalliance between Semoran and a young cotholder's daughter named Lintrin. When Pantrin turned thirteen, his father became aware of the rising animosity Pantrin felt toward his older siblings which extended toward his young nephews, Sempere and Carisus. Fostering Pantrin seemed the best course of action. Semoran had blood connections with Crom Hold's steward which proved fortuitous and Pantrin was sent west. Pantrin arrived at Crom Hold with a chip on his shoulder the size of Pern.

Pantrin worked with the Hold's steward, a hard man and one with little conscious. He learned the ins and outs of stewardship, most of which did not involve compassion toward the Crom's small holders or residents. Pantrin realized at an early age that he would never be satisfied with having a lesser role. He wanted to a Lord Holder and he made a vow to do so - no matter how long it took. Turns rolled by as he learned the aspects of Holding and Stewardship. His heart hardened and his ambitions blossomed as Thread returned and Holders, and their Stewards, were able to command a higher price for the relative safety of a Hold.

It was during the second Turn of the Pass that Pantrin espoused a Crom woman named Irja. She died less than a Turn after their espousal. The rumor that she had had a lover was never confirmed, but Crom's Steward was discovered dead one morning soon after. Neither the cause of his death, nor the means, was ever established. Pantrin was named as Steward to Crom Hold at the age of twenty-one.

Less than two months after Irja's death, Pantrin espoused Vira. In the next two and half Turns, she gave birth to three daughters. The third daughter was three too many and Pantrin set her aside, annulling their espousal, and sending her back to her father's cot hold with the three girls in tow.

Pantrin waited nearly six Turns before espousing his third wife, Darella, a ginger-haired, soft-spoken lass with a creamy complexion who was half his age. Their first child, born six months after their espousal date, was a boy. He was named Partric and Parlint was born less than a Turn later. Three Turns passed before Dallara's arrival. She was followed by Denarra, and in rapid succession, Pardigo and Kantrin. Four Turns later, Alisigo, the youngest, was born.

There are also four half-blooded siblings: Aichel, Ranyar, Anmal and Tayella. Aichel is the most ambitious of all Pantrin's issues. Pantrin, recognizing this, tends to keep him close at hand and under a watchful eye.

Pardigo, Ranyar and Kantrin were Searched by Telgar Weyr. Pardigo Impressed green Aleneth his first time on the sands and became P'digo. Pantrin was furious and swore never to mention the boy's name again - and never has. Ranyer, now R'yer, Impressed Velleneth three Turns later and transferred to Thread's End Weyr ten Turns ago. Kantrin returned to Crom Hold after two separate Hatchings left him standing dragonless.

Soon after Partric was born, Pantrin heard that his nephews, Sempere, Carisus, Zephyre and Julben had joined together and moved to the Southern Continent to create a new major Hold beholden to the newly created Thread's End Weyr. That they had purposely excluded him from their plans ate at his very being until ambition, and the need for revenge, facilitated an idea.

In Turn 37, Pantrin decided it was time to put his plan, conceived Turns before, in motion. He surprised Carisus by bringing his spouse and children to Thread's End Hold a few sevendays before Turnover. Once there, he proposed espousing Denarra to Carisus. Carisus was caught off guard by the statement but refused the offer unconditionally. Undaunted, Pantrin smoothly put in motion his second plan (which he would have initiated in any case) which would discredit Carisus enough so that he would be removed as Lord Holder. Of the original founders of Thread's End Hold, Sempere, Zephyre and Julben, only Zephyre was still living and he had no inclination of leaving his training as a Harper to become Lord Holder. That left only Alrisa, Carisus daughter, for Pantrin to discourage from Holding.

Through no contrivance of his own, Thread fell unscheduled and his daughter, Denarra, Lord Carisus and Alrisa, where caught out in Fall without shelter. With no one in contention for the Hold, Pantrin was confirmed as Lord Holder in Month 1, Turn 38.

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