Persona : P'chi
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 28
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Greenrider, Wingrider (CFLF)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : P'chi is not what you would think of in your average greenrider. His height might be called medium, and he has a broad frame with a good deal of well-developed muscle on it. He has a wide, plain face, light brown hair, and green eyes, and often has the beginnings of a beard showing along his jawline, though it is always shaved clean for a Fall.

Personality : P'chi was Searched relatively late in life, and as such had a bit more life experience than most when he came to the Weyr. He is honest, hardworking, and level-headed. He is also extremely compassionate, and a great listener and keeper of secrets. His friends often turn to him for advice on a wide variety of topics, and he is happy to be able to help them.

Life Story : P'chi grew up in a farming cothold south of Nerat Hold. His early aptitude with the farm's work beasts led his parents to send him to apprentice at the Beastcraft Hall in Keroon at the age of thirteen, where he stayed until he walked the tables at age 20. Sent for his first journeying position to assist the Master at Benden Weyr, P'chi served there happily until he was Searched on the morning of a Hatching by a perceptive green and her rider. He stood for the eggs, and Zonath found him unerringly.

Just as he finished Weyrling training, news came of the opening of Ierne Island Weyr. He transferred immediately, and quickly fell into the company of one S'no. They have shared a weyr almost since the first days of their acquaintance.

Dragon's Name : Zonath
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 6
Sire/Dam : Transfer
Rider's Age at Impression : 22

Physical Dragon : Zonath is a deep, turquoise green with lighter mottling along her neck and spine. She is small and dainty, and is an asset with her fantastic mobility. She tires quickly, however, and always looks forward to the changeover.

Dragon's Personality: Zonath is the draconic equivalent of her rider. Surprisingly well-grounded for a green, she is never fickle in her attentions. She gives P'chi the solid base of affection that he needs to be the man that he is.

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