Persona : Penganni
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Gender : Male
Age : 38
Rank/Craft : Master Harper
Craft Specialty : Drums
Residence : Thread's End Harper Hall

Physical Description : Penganni could only be described as foppishly handsome. He is broad shouldered and narrow waisted standing at 6' even. His rich black hair is cut to feather back above his ears but falls forward on his forehead rakishly. He has velvet blue eyes and wide, well trimmed brows over a rather hawkish nose. He has full lips which cover an educated, witty tongue. He has long muscular arms that show their veining when he flexes them. He has pale, caramel colored skin for the times he has spent outdoors. He is rather hairy on the forearms and legs. He has the type of body structure that clothes always hang well on. Even in tatters, he would look good.

Personality : Penganni is witty and a bit snobby, but that is only his first impression. He loves his music and really enjoys sharing it with others. He is a great teacher being able to explain what he is teaching to his students may ways and taking the time to make sure each one understands. He is fun and loves a good party or gather.

Life Story : Penganni was born in a weyr to a junior gold rider. His father was a brown rider, and they fostered him right within the Weyr so that they could see him and spend time with him as he grew up. He was presented to the Search dragons time and again but, other than the initial search, was never asked to stand the sands again. He was fine with this because he had found his love in music. He dedicated every waking moment to drumming on everything within reach, driving his foster mother nearly mad. He apprenticed with the Weyr harper and began his lessons. The Harper taught him much about music. But it was with another apprentice that he learned about life. Just as his mother had always suspected, Penganni had no interest in girls. She always figured he would become a greenrider as so many did, so there was never any stigma place on his choices for relationships. Because of this, he grew up to be a confident man. After walking the tables, Penganni traveled all over Pern finally ended up at Thread's End harper hall, just after Fort confirmed him as a Master.

Last updated on 29-Nov-03