Persona: Perlin
Writing Status: NPC/Free
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Rank: Master Farmer
Residence: Thread's End Hold
Birthplace: Plains of Telgar
Father's Name: Dernilian
Father's Rank: Holder
Mother's Name: Edira
Mother's Rank: Holder's daughter

Physical Description: Nearly 6' in height. Thickset, muscular, dark skinned, leathery features from a lifetime of outdoor work. Square-jawed face, black curly hair beginning to grey at the temples. Very dark brown eyes. Very strong and fit.

Personality: Very practical person, totally committed to his craft and his family. Congenial in temperament with a good sense of humour. Dependable.

Life Story: Born at a small hold on the plains of Telgar - one of several children in the family. Helped his father on the family hold, then apprenticed in the farmcraft at a hold in Igen where he met Azura, his lady who was also an apprentice farmer.

Pet Name: Brok
Pet Colour: Bronze
Pet Type: Firelizard
Pet Description: Brok is a large fire-lizard, deep bronze in colour. He was impressed by Perlin 12 turns ago. He is very possessive of Perlin and the family and can become aggressive if other fire lizards encroach upon what he sees as his territory.

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