Persona : Ph'gan (Pherigan)
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 64
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Bluerider, Wingrider (UFRT)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Ph'gan's once dark hair is now mostly white and his thinning a little at the crown. His face, though, is still quite youthful considering his face, his serious brown eyes framed by dark lashes that hint at his original hair colour.

Ph'gan has the usual dragonrider build; toned but muscular. He has a preference for hardwearing clothes, as he doesn't see the use in spending good marks on something that looks fancy but will fall apart all too readily.

Personality : Ph'gan is a stern man and has little time for the antics of the youngsters. As far as he is concerned, dragonriders were much more disciplined in the Pass he was born in.

Still, a pretty face can still turn the bluerider's head when he's in an amenable mood; in fact it was just such a pretty face that landed him in the South in the first place.

Life Story : Born during the Eighth Pass to a Lower Caverns worker at Ista Weyr, Pherigan never knew his father although it is likely he was a dragonrider. Pherigan grew up as a weyrbrat, first playing with the younger children and then helping out around the Lower Caverns as he grew up.

At 15 Turns he was Searched by a green dragon and subsequently Impressed blue Zaiynoth. They spent the remainder of the Pass fighting Thread and were dismayed, as their task of defending Pern's people seemed to be drawing to a close. Yet it seemed their task was not over yet and they joined the hundreds of riders who /betweened/ to the Ninth Pass to help the last surviving Weyr.

For many Turns Ph'gan remained at Ista Weyr until a pretty blonde convinced him to accompany her to the Southern continent. Charmed by the woman and curious as to the opportunities the Southern Continent would give him, the bluerider agreed and in Turn 36 he found himself arriving to a new life at Ierne Island. The way the Southerners spread out across the land and allowed greenery to grow everywhere shocked the bluerider who had grown up thinking all green should be kept away from habitations. The idea still does not sit well with him although he has come to accept it.

In a new Weyr filled with many riders who only have a few Turns of Threadfighting under their belts, Ph'gan finds that sometimes his work is cut out for him as he and Zaiynoth try to temper the younger riders' exuberance with experience and sobriety.

Dragon's Name : Zaiynoth
Dragon's Colour : Blue
Dragon's Age : 49
Sire/Dam : Transfer (Ista Weyr)
Rider's Age at Impression : 15

Physical Dragon : Zaiynoth is a large dragon with a hide that is powder blue in shade. The tip of his tail fork was shorn off by Thread but other than that he proudly states that the only other Threadscores he has suffered have been minor.

Dragon's Personality: Zaiynoth increasingly prefers to sleep by the river that runs through Ierne Island Weyr when he is not fighting Thread. He is a calm personality and has a more tolerant attitude towards younger dragons and their riders than his lifemate does.

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