Persona : Pina
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 15
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Candidate/Apprentice Weaver
Residence : Thread's End Weyr

Physical Description : Pina is about 5' tall. She has long curly blond hair and a very pale complexion for someone born and raised in the south. She has green eyes and a generous mouth. She has not yet attained her full growth but is developing a curvaceous figure.

Personality : Pina used to think she knew what she wanted and went out to get it, by fair means or foul. Although by nature a bit of a loner, she did have friends who were attracted to her because she could be very witty and amusing. They were always a bit wary of her though as she would lash out -- mostly with her tongue -- when they displeased her. These friends of her childhood were of the more easily led and younger variety which left Pina feeling rather discontented about this although she did not realize why.

After a turn at the weaver crafthall at Threads End Hold her character underwent a remarkable metamorphism. She was now a happy and gregarious girl with real friends.

Pina has an underlying yearning to love and to be loved in return although she would vigorously deny such claims. Perhaps as she moves into adulthood someone will be able to break these self-imposed barriers and find the real Pina underneath.

Life Story : Pina was born in a small cothold some five days travel from Thread's End Weyr on day 1 of month 12, turn 22. She was the first of three sisters. When she had ten turns, her drunkard father disappeared: no one knows where. Her mother, having difficulties supporting the three girls, decided to try her luck inland, so they set off towards the interior where they had heard Pina's uncle was living. The two younger girls did not make it, dying on the journey. Perhaps frightened of showing Pina affection in case the same thing happened to her, her mother became cold and unfeeling toward her remaining daughter. She met and married a Herder domiciled at Low Meadow Hold, four days ride south east of Thread's End Harpercraft Hall and reluctantly took Pina with her when she went there as a wife. Her mother had two children by him and lavished all her love and attention on them, ignoring Pina. Pina withdrew into herself and with this withdrawal came an ambition - an ambition to do well and to escape from her mother in any way possible, preferably by finding herself a husband of good lineage or prospects. She became what in the Hold could be termed "difficult," a thorn in the flesh of any adult (or older child) in charge of her. The only aptitude she showed was that of sewing and weaving and appeared to enjoy her duties in that area although she did not readily show it.

A journeywoman from Thread's End Harpercraft Hall, during one of her peripatetic journeys harpering through her circuit came across Pina at Low Meadow Hold. The holders were at their wits end as to how to deal with the recalcitrant teenager and the journeywoman made enquiries as to how she could help.

The journeywoman talked to Pina and asked her if she would like to become a weaver. Pina agreed although without much enthusiasm. The apprenticeship was arranged and Pina arrived at Threads End Hold shortly afterwards; in 36. After a shaky start Pina settled in more or less and those in charge of her did not report any misdemeanours, at least no more than those committed by any other apprentice.

By the end of her first turn as an apprentice, Pina had settled in well into her new life and was becoming a reliable and forward-looking girl liked by the journeymen and women in charge of her because of her willingness to work and her new-found aptitude for the weaver-craft although she still did not make friends easily. She was totally committed now to learning her craft and was enjoying the process of becoming a weaver.

In turn 37 she was Searched and taken to Threads End Hold but refused the honour as she didn't feel ready at that point to make the commitment of being a dragonrider. She also missed the crafthall and her first real friends there. However, the dragonrider who had Searched her became a good friend and was resolved to persuade Pina to change her mind no matter how long that took.

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