Persona : Rustain
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 37
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Senior Journeyman Harper
Craft Specialty : Archives
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : At six feet even, Rustain is lanky and gaunt with an angular face and frame that give one the impression he's been starved his entire life. (In actuality, he has a healthy appetite.) Pale blue eyes loom startlingly large beneath a thatch of dusty brown hair, and the side of his nose is inevitably smeared with ink from stained fingers that more often than not clutch a quill to record some tidbit of trivia. The long, thin gray robe hanging in the scrivener's room just outside the Archives is his, and it invariably has a coating of dust collected during his daily excursions through the Hall's records.

Personality : Rustain is an intensely focused mind with an exceptional memory for obscure facts. Records -- their care, feeding, and propagation -- are his first, and likely only, love, and he knows where to find anything and everything in the Hall's records rooms. His people skills leave something to be desired, and he has a tendency to become tongue-tied and withdrawn around others when having to comment on day-to-day topics (or, Faranth forbid, women -- he's inordinately shy), but his fervor for the Archives lights up his face when he's drawn into any conversation that includes them. He's a surprisingly articulate and animated speaker when discussing his favorite subject and, as such, makes an excellent instructor, even though only a very few of his students can understand just what he finds so interesting about so many dry and brittle accounts of things that happened long before they were born.

Life Story : Trained under the Master Archivist at the main HarperCraft Hall at Fort Hold, Rustain entered his lessons with zeal. He came south recently when the masters determined a second archivist was required at the burgeoning southern crafthall.

Last updated on 6-Apr-03.