Persona : Suebella
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 17
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Apprentice Harper
Residence : TEHH

Physical Description : Red curly hair long in the back and worn in a braid most of the time. She is fair complexioned although she has a good tan from the sun. Her green eyes sparkle with mischief she is known to bring about from time to time, and she has a hearty sense of humor.

Personality : Her voice is pleasant to listen to. She hopes to be assigned to teach the younger children their songs. She is forever singing little snatches of tunes in her lilting voice and making up new ones which she usually feels aren't good enough so never writes them down.

Life Story : Suebella is an only child, her brother died at the age of 2 and her mother never carried another child to term. She has always been interested in singing and is a bright young lady that has always found the brighter side of the worst situations. Both her parents are still alive, her mother and father are both weavers. She wanders the beaches in her spare time always on the lookout for a clutch of firelizard eggs hoping that someday she might be lucky enough to locate an unclaimed nest.

Pet Name : Tympana
Pet Species : Firelizard
Pet Color : Green

Pet Description : Tympana is a saucy little hatchling fire lizard. Green skined little charmer that wraps her tail around Suebella and tries to hide in her braid, can often be found peering out with that ever hungry mouth open for another bite of food. She is well trained by Suebella and not a glutton, and her skin sparkles with health.

Last updated on 03-Apr-13