Persona : Sueming
Writing Status : NPC/Owned
Age : 28
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Maid to Lady Divana
Residence : Thread's End Hold

Physical Description : Sueming has an olive complexion and long black hair which would stick out in all directions unless she ties or pins it back. She is a bit plump, partly hereditary, and partly the result of her fondness for sweets.

Personality : Sueming has a happy and cheerful personality, and she loves helping people and seeing smiles on their faces. She is not ambitious, and is usually content with whatever life gives her. She does enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people, so she enjoying her life at Thread's End Hold.

Life Story : Sueming grew up in Moonskeep Hold. Her father and brother works with the runners, and her mother and two sisters work in the main hold building. Sueming was in charge of looking after the Holder's two elderly aunts. Despite their failing health and cranky dispositions, she knew they loved social events. So she managed to arrange for them to attend gathers in their old age, especially at Thread's End Hold, where she made the acquaintance of TEH Headwoman Javanii, who was impressed at the young lady's resourcefulness and concern for her elderly charges. After both aunts passed away eventually, Sueming helped out in odd tasks around the hold for several months, till the written request came from Javanii, asking if she would want to take up the position of personal maid to Lady Divana at Thread's End Hold in the second month of Turn 40.

Last updated on 7 Mar 2017.