Persona : Suone (soo-oh-nee)
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Apprentice Harper - Level 2
Residence : Thread's End Harpercraft Hall

Physical Description : Originally from High Reaches where the people don't have to worry too much about the sun, Suone burns easily in the harsh Southern sunlight and is often to be seen with a red face when she forgets to wear her wide-brimmed hat.

He blond hair, which once she grew long enough to sit on, has recently been cut into a bob in response to the discomfort the long tresses were causing her in the high temperatures. The hairstyle suits her round face, making her cheeks seem chubbier than they actually are. She has bright blue, almost aqua, eyes that are made all the more startling by the contrast with her fair lashes. Her nose is small and tipped a little, her lips are thing but almost always spread in a smile.

Her body is still a little rounded by childhood, but when she begins her growth spurt in earnest she promises to slim down a little and gain the curves that the women of her family have.

Personality : Suone has a very sunny disposition and, to be perfectly honest, it is difficult to make her miserable. While her constant happiness can be a little infuriating at times, she does have a gift for cheering people up and tempering her classmates' pessimism with her optimism.

Suone's childhood was filled with love and security and as such she generally sees no need to be mean to other people. This can, however, put her at a disadvantage as she doesn't really pay attention to the power struggles going on around her in her peer group and allows others to say uncharitable things about her behind her back.

Suone's love is music, it always has been, and in particular she loves the guitar. She can often be found practicing by herself or giving mock performances for her feline, Taktak.

Life Story : Suone grew up at High Reaches Hold, the fifth child to a journeyman weaver and his journeywoman healer wife. Despite having a large brood of children, the two parents lavish care and affection on all of them. Suone grew up feeling very safe and cherished indeed.

When she had eleven Turns her family moved to Thread's End Hold, seeking a warmer climate for Suone's father who had developed an affliction of the lungs that was irritated by the cold winters at High Reaches. During her time at the Hold, Suone took up her harper classes once more and found she greatly enjoyed the way the journeyman harper at the Hall taught - it was a far less rigid system than had been used by the old harper at her birth Hold.

Reaching an age where she could apprentice to a craft, Suone knew that harpering was the life for her. Her parents were more than happy to support their daughter and she spent her first Turn as an apprentice learning the basics at the Hold before moving as a second Turn apprentice to the Harpercraft Hall itself. She has, of course, signed up for guitar lessons and has put herself down to learn drums as well, although that choice was more out of curiosity than any burning desire to learn how to drum.

Pet Name: Taktak
Pet Species: Feline
Pet Description: A slim, black feline with golden eyes, Taktak has been at Suone's side for the past eight Turns. In middle age he's grown more mellow, preferring to sleep most of the day than hunting vtols and other small creatures as he did as a young feline.

Taktak is often Suone's only audience as she practices her instrumental pieces and he doesn't seem to mind the little performances. As with all things now, he's happy to let the world pass him by while he enjoys a bit spot of sunshine.

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