Persona : Taden
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 24
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Journeyman Harper
Craft Specialty : Drafting
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : Taden is reasonably tall with a slim musculature that can fool others into thinking he is weak but only conceals a strength of muscle, sinew and bone. He has large brown eyes and a sensitive mouth: elegant features that should have looked odd on a man but suit him surprising well. His hair is his most shocking feature: wild and untamed flying back from his temples, it curls on his collar.

Personality : Personalities change and Taden is undergoing a transformation. An inherently arrogant man, he is slowly becoming more and more open to the skills and abilities of others around him. He can be extremely antagonistic and more than one person has questioned his posting to the Harper Hall. However, Taden is also a very generous spirit once he allows himself to care for a person. Otherwise he is perceived as aloof and predatory.

Life Story : Taden's parents are traders, although his mother had originally trained to be a guardsman. Both of them know self-protection and taught it to Taden when he was young, a skill that he now instructs others in. As a young boy, he was quite proud to be the son of traders ­- that is, until he was fostered out and came under the influence of Jarquat, the younger son of the Holder where he was fostered. It was through this older boy that Taden was taught there was nothing lower than someone who did not reside within a Hold. Such snobbery destroyed Taden's faith in his parents and everything they had taught him. He rejected them totally, and made himself over in Jarquatıs image.

His mother, seeing what had happened, removed him from that Hold, handing him over to her uncle. He was a skilled Senior Journeyman Drafter. Much to Tadenıs own personal horror, he found himself naturally inclined towards this art, and found himself a journeyman very quickly within the ranks of the Harper Hall, studying and teaching artistry and drawing.

Every now and then, a special skill that he has - a keen eye - is called upon by guardsmen of the local Halls and cotholds. Taden has the talent to see and draft specific details, such as the weave of a knitted coat, or the smear of blood left on stone. In the past his drafting and sketching work has lead to mysteries being solved, something Taden keeps quiet.

Taden now enjoys his teaching, a situation far removed from his previous way of looking at the world. This is thanks, in part to his teachers, the other masters and Journeymen and women of the Hold, however it is the love of his hand fasted wife, Matani, Headwoman of Thread's End HarperCraft Hall that makes this aloof and proud man's world complete.

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