Persona : Telfurt
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 27
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Senior Journeyman Harper
Craft Specialty : Instrument Construction
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : Telfurt's eyes are mud brown and his hair is a ruddy brown as well. He is of average height and average weight. In fact, everything about him is average except for his ability to craft instruments.

Personality : Telfurt is easy going. He is slow to temper and has a great patience that many envy.

Life Story : Telfurt is an only child. He loved to take things apart and build new things from the bits until his mother would rant that he was making her "crazy as a wherry". He had an strong talent for singing as a child and so was apprenticed to the Harper hall. When his voice changed so did his focus, gone was his sweet child's voice and in came his ability to craft the most delicate of instruments with ease. When it opened he moved to Thread's End Harper hall.

Last updated on 14-Oct-01.